History and Meaning of the Spinel Engagement Ring.

Because of its extremely sharp crystals, the name Spinelle derives from the Latin "Spina," which means "thorn." It is often sometimes identified with the Greek term "Spinthes," which means "sparkle," which refers to the crystal's dazzling colour. Spinel is a member of the oxide class of minerals. Spinel comes in almost any colour, but red is the most common, and it's also the one that comes in the smallest sizes. In reality, it was long mistaken for ruby due to its breath-taking red colour. It was not until the mid-eighteenth century that spinel was recognized as a separate mineral. Many common 'rubies,' such as the 'Black Prince's Ruby' on the English crown, are actually spinel. Red spinel is rarer than ruby now, but it is still less expensive. Burma is the primary source, although smaller amounts can also be found in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Madagascar. Red spinel is an emblem of bravery, determination, and power in terms of symbolism. It's also the colour of lust and attraction, and it's associated with strong love.

How to take care of your spinel engagement ring

The spinel engagement ring is durable and easy to care for. It is scratch and shock-resistant due to its high hardness. As a result, you'll be able to wear it every day! It's also immune to popular household items. A steam cleaner should be used to disinfect the spinel engagement ring, but it cannot be washed with an ultrasonic cleaner. You may also wash it with water and dish soap, but make sure to dry it well to prevent lime deposits. The jeweller must be careful not to overheat it or the colour intensity would be lost. Spinel engagement rings are, in reality, extremely heat sensitive. As a result, caution is needed.

How to Choose the Right Spinel Engagement Ring?

Choose the colour of your spinel engagement ring as the first and most critical step.

Spinel comes in a variety of colours and tones. Spinel comes in a variety of colours, from red, blue, orange, pink, purple, and even green. Spinel comes in a variety of colours, depending on the impurities in its crystal structure: chromium for red and orange stones, magnesium for violet stones, and iron for blue stones. Along with black, bright red remains the most desired and common colour. The red spinel engagement ring sparkles just a smidgeon less than a ruby. It is equally as brilliant! It is rarer but less valuable than ruby, making it an excellent substitute. The most perfect spinels are translucent and highly sought after, but most spinel has a few inclusions that are noticeable to the naked eye, lowering their appeal. Apart from cutting and polishing, this gem's handling is almost non-existent. Any gems may have been gently heated to bring out their colours even further.

The second and equally important step is to choose the size and shape of your spinel engagement ring.

They are usually small crystals, usually faceted in an oval, round or cushion shape. The cutter determines the size and shape of the stone that will be mounted on the red spinel engagement ring. This is extremely meticulous work. The value of the spinel engagement ring will therefore also depend on the quality of the cut of the crystal. The cut of the stone is very important as it will give the ring a certain intensity of colour.

The final step is to choose the metal to match your spinel engagement ring. It is entirely dependent on the colour you choose.

If the colour is similar to a ruby engagement ring, it may be paired with white gold or silver. It is, without a doubt, a winning combination! You may also use it in conjunction with yellow gold. If you go for a black spinel engagement ring, it will look great in white gold or silver, but it will also look great in rose gold. It's a really contemporary and rocking mix! If you want to gift your fiancée the ring of her dreams, you can design your own custom ring in our jewellery store. You may choose not only the hue, but also the size, shape, and metal to be combined in this manner. It is a way to increase the exclusivity of your relationship! More information. Alternatively, you can personalize a ring on our website, www.Jaubalet-paris.fr, by selecting from a variety of options. You would simply have to choose a spinel engagement ring and customize it by changing a few details (the metal, the stone). Here is where you can learn more about red spinel engagement rings