The various types of diamond bracelets

Why not put small diamonds around your wrist? Your piece of jewelry will be transformed and you have a magnificent diamond bracelet. Tennis bracelets or diamond eternity bracelets are both excellent choices.

The diamonds of Diamond Bracelets from Jaubalet 

Three options are available to you. Choose your diamond bracelet among the various collections in our virtual shop. You can also add a personal touch by customizing one. Or even create your diamond bracelet yourself and order it online. Jaubalet Paris provides you with high-quality diamonds certified by the HDR and the IRD. We also ensure they comply with the Kimberly process, i.e. the gemstones are not “conflict diamonds”. Be daring and select fancy color diamonds: pink, blue, brown, green, and orange. You will find additional information on each fancy color diamond on our page devoted to buying diamonds bracelets.

Jaubalet Care

To maintain the diamond free of lotions, skin oils, and debris, clean it frequently. It won't appear foggy that way. To keep it sparkling, rub it against a soft fabric at the end of the day. To eliminate oils and salt, wipe your jewelry clean with a gentle chamois or flannel cloth after each wear. Keep diamond jewelry separate from other jewelry to minimize scratching. Keep it in its original box, a fabric-lined jewelry case, soft tissue paper wrapped around it, or a separate jewelry pouch. This is a crucial step in maintaining the condition of your diamond jewelry. Check to see whether the diamond is scratched and if the setting is secure. Bring any alterations to a professional jeweler for examination. A gentle toothbrush is an excellent diamond cleaning tool. Remove any remaining filth with a toothbrush after soaking it in ammonia or another chemical. Brush the dirtiest part of the diamond, which is the rear. However, proceed with caution. When cleaning diamonds, avoid using chlorine or abrasives, since they might harm the jewelry. By loosening the prongs or dissolving the metal altogether, these cleansers can degrade the metals used in diamond settings. These chemicals may also cause the jewelry to discolor. Diamonds are hard and long-lasting, yet they may chip. When conducting hard labor like gardening, cleaning, or house renovations, remove the diamond to avoid damaging it.