The various types of diamond bracelets

Why not put small diamonds around your wrist? Your piece of jewellery will be transformed and you have a magnificent diamond bracelet. Tennis bracelets or eternity bracelets are both excellent choices.

The diamonds of Diamond Bracelets from Jaubalet 

Three options are available to you. Choose your diamond bracelet among the various collections in our virtual shop. You can also add a personal touch by customizing one. Or even create your bracelet yourself and order it online.

Jaubalet Paris provides you with high quality diamonds certified by the HDR and the IRD. We also ensure they comply with the Kimberly process, i.e. the gemstones are not “conflict diamonds”.

Be daring and select fancy colour diamonds: pink, blue, brown, green and orange. You will find additional information on each fancy colour diamond on our page devoted to buying diamonds.