Platinum Wedding Bands, Pure, Rare, and Durable

Platinum wedding bands also appeal to couples because of their exceptional properties. Platinum is much rarer and purer than most gold alloys used in jewelry making. It is 25 times as rare as yellow metal. Therefore, its price is sometimes higher.  The alloy of this white metal is composed of 95% pure platinum mixed with 5% of iridium, palladium, or ruthenium. At Jaubalet Paris, your wedding band will be marked or certified as “950 Plat or “Plat” to guarantee its authenticity.  In addition to being hypoallergenic, naturally white, platinum wedding bands are especially durable. This is due to its density of much more than 18-carat gold. Platinum is therefore resistant to both external agents and to abrasions. It can however by scratching. Unlike what happens to other scratched metals, a platinum scratch produces a displacement of matter that gives it its patina aspect. Your platinum wedding band always stays white. This metal is adored because it does not tarnish and requires no surface treatment.  The resistance of platinum is exemplified by the fact that it guarantees a better hold for gemstones, especially for wedding bands set with diamonds or other precious or semi-precious gems.

Caring for platinum wedding bands

As with all precious metals and gemstones, platinum can receive chocks and have its beauty diminished.  To prevent this from happening, place your platinum wedding band in a small quantity of warm soapy water and rub it gently with a sponge or a soft toothbrush. Rinse it with clear water and then wipe it with a soft cloth or chamois. Do this from time to time. Avoid contact with bleach or any other chemicals. Avoid or reduce situations where it could be scratched as much as possible. If your platinum wedding band is set with a precious gemstone, it would be preferable to take it to a jeweler to be appropriately cleaned.  If it is well cared for, your platinum wedding band will maintain its shine and can become an heirloom for your family and your heirs. 

Jaubalet’s platinum wedding bands

Jaubalet Paris has a wide range of wedding bands. If can’t find just the right one among our platinum models at our virtual shop, you can customize one or custom design your platinum wedding band yourself. Platinum, like other precious metals, will ultimately exhibit signs of wear. Because of its lasting nature, platinum is one of the most durable precious metals for a ring, and it will wear the best of any precious metal. When platinum is scratched, just a small amount of metal is lost. Scratching gold, on the other hand, causes slivers of metal to be lost, resulting in a quicker metal loss. Platinum retains its volume over time and acquires a warm patina finish that gives the ring character. The metal displacement actually helps to harden the ring.