Choosing the stone for your Pink Sapphire Ring 

Like almost all precious gemstones, the colour and luminosity are very important criteria in choosing a stone.  Concerning the Pink Sapphire, the most sought after shade is an intense and lively shade of pink.  If you choose this colour for your Pink Sapphire Ring, you must invest a little more since this shade is very rare.  The other shades, medium pink or very clear are more affordable. Having taken all this into account, it is your taste that will lead you to the stone of your dreams.  Concerning the other details about your choice of precious stone, you will find them in our page dedicated to “buying a Pink Sapphire”.     

Ideas to give a Pink Sapphire Ring as a gift.  

If you are married for 16 years, you will celebrate your nuptials with a sapphire.  She will love the pink, and that is the moment that you give her the pink sapphire.  We also attribute the Pink Sapphire to the power to bring love back to life.  If you feel that your love has become dull form the daily routine of life, think of giving her this Pink Sapphire Ring.  The Sapphire is also the stone of September.  Giving a stone that is aligned to her zodiac sign is a great occasion to give the woman you love a beautiful gift.  There are also some occasions to give a Sapphire Ring as a gift that we don’t even think about.  Let your story and your intuition guide you.