Women’s pink pearl necklaces or pendants, princess

Jaubalet Paris has chosen to honour the legendary princess of the Leeward Islands with a pendant named after her, “Bora Bora”. In doing so, Jaubalet wants to hail all princesses who in the past wore their good taste as a banner.

Care for women’s pink pearl necklaces or pendants

To preserve your pearl necklace’s beauty and lustre, we recommend submerging it in slightly salted water. As pearls come from the sea they need to be hydrated to stay like they were the first day. Precious pieces of jewellery including pearls also need to be stored separately to avoid scratches and nicks. When in contact with skin, pearls pick up particles of perspiration and cosmetics that can damage them. It is therefore wise to clean them, thus preventing progressive deterioration. To do that, buff them with a chamois or soft cloth dipped in a bit of olive oil or other sweet oil.

If your pink pearl necklace or pendant is combined with gold or other gemstones whether fine, semi precious or precious gems, we will provide you with additional care instructions at the moment of purchase.