Red has always been the colour of love, passion and the heart. Also July’s birthstone and often gifted for 40th anniversaries celebrations, rubies are undoubtedly the truest reflections of your affection. Originating from the Latin “ruber”, the ruby is part of the corundum mineral family, which also include sapphires. In fact, red corundum is called a ruby, whilst other colours such as blue, pink or yellow will be named sapphires.

Choose a Ruby Engagement Ring 

Also called a diamond engagement ring, due to the fact that rubies have almost the same strength as diamonds (9 on the Mohs Spectrum, diamonds being at 10) when you choose a ruby engagement ring, you can rest assured that your gemstone is one that will last. When it comes to colour, the ruby has three main grades of colour: very red, medium red, and pink-red, which as for other gemstones such as sapphires, and emerald, will determine its quality and hence value. Find out more about our range of rubies. Similarly to other precious gemstones, the ruby’s size and shape can vary, the most common shape being cabochon, a rather rounded and polished cut. Cabochon also often benefit from a rare value-adding asterism inclusion which is a dazzling 6-armed star that appears on the top of the stone. If her favourite colour is red, a ruby engagement ring will certainly be the perfect token of your love. Find out more about why you should choose a ruby engagement ring.


Jaubalet Paris offers a wide selection of engagement rings that you may order directly online. You can also personalise and customise all our pieces of jewellery to create a unique, custom-made ring, whether she would prefer white gold, yellow gold or platinum to complement her ruby. Make sure to also view our range of blue sapphire, emerald or diamond engagement rings.