A cocktail ring

Let’s trace the origin of this fabulous cocktail ring… Originally it was a piece of jewellry with a large colourful and striking band that was only worn at cocktail time, generally between 6:30 and 8:00 in the evening. In fact, JF Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Kennedy with such a ring, called the royal cocktail ring.

The band can be made with white or yellow gold, though white gold is the most well-known for this type of ring. The band is set with either a very coloured precious stone or a coloured pearl making it shine brightly. To top it off, the gem or pearl is surrounded by countless diamonds, as many as two hundred, giving the ring its exceptional charm.

What a fabulous style, so deserving of an enchanted kingdom with modern-day princesses and extraordinary animals.

It went out of style for a while but was reinvented by jewellry makers in the eighties, one reason being both precious gems and other stones can be used.

An exceptional ring dating back to the 1920s.

Cocktail rings originated during the prohibition period of the 1920s. It is a well-known fact that the prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcohol in the USA triggered the appearance of clandestine distilleries that sold their spirits to bars that were themselves clandestine. Cocktail rings were born, becoming a symbol of women’s independence and a “must have” accessory in these clandestine establishments or during secret parties across the country. The bars were called “speak-easy”, because customers were asked to speak softly, in this man’s world. These women were nicknamed “Flapper”, a kind of stylish and tomboyish woman who smoked, wore make-up and short skirts, loved jazz, and drank cocktails.

To attract attention to the hand that held the glass, women’s hands were adorned with these imposing and colourful rings. They stood out because they had little in common with traditional rings, such as an engagement ring. They were very noticeable in both colour and size, as well as being a sign of rebellion in relation to what was done at the time. Opulence readily comes to mind with cocktail rings. If you would like to have a fashionable ring that enhances your attire, select a neutral colour. White and black diamonds go well with any clothing choice, and nothing turns heads more than trendy jewelry. In addition, diamonds are always a sure option. As cocktail rings are known for their extravagance, wearing one is often the chosen piece for important and classy events. Consequently, it’s a tradition to wear fashionable and formal attire. The collar or neckline of the clothing will determine what cocktail necklace to select.

What shape and metal for a cocktail?

Cocktail rings come in a wide range of colours. In fact, the colour determines whether a ring is a cocktail ring or not. The design communicates its intention and how the jewellery piece should be perceived. Keep in mind the durability of the gemstone or stones when making your choice. If the ring is intended to be worn on a regular basis, the best option is a gemstone that will not break or scratch easily. Diamonds are the most suitable when beauty and durability are the priority. The size, depending on the frequency of use, should also be taken into consideration. Above all, a cocktail ring must dazzle. If you have small hands, a huge ring might outshine beautiful fingers rather than enhance them. On the other hand, big rings – even those spread out on several fingers – are ideal for people with large hands. If you do not have a favourite metal colour, perhaps you do not know whether you should puchase jewellery in gold or silver.In order to find the metal that suits you best, we recommend trying on rings in different metals and different colours. Here are a few guidelines that can help to determine which metal colour corresponds to your complexion. Look at the veins in your underarm. If they are blue, your skin tone is “cold”. If, on the contrary, they are green, your skin tone is “warm”. If you skin colour is pink or reddish, it’s better to avoid pink gold as it may make the redness more visible. If you are still not sure which metal coulour to choose, consider buying a cocktail ring in both white and yellow gold. The mixed metal look is currently quite fashionable. It is the perfect solution, when you would like a trendy piece that suits your entire wardrobe. In addition, you can easily mix and match rings made with various metals and the rest of your jewellery collection.

Are you still hesitating on the colour?

Here are a few last tips: rubies are excellent options if you like red; emeralds are perfect for lovers of green; sapphires, aqua-marine and blue topaz make a good choice if you like blue. If you prefer violet, select tanzanite or amethyst. A ring set with citrine is perfect if you fancy yellow.

Care for cocktail rings

The right budget for your cocktail ring

Skimping on price is not recommended when selecting a cocktail ring. Consider your purchase as an investment rather than as a simple addition of a new piece to your jewellery box. Determine how much you can afford. 

Cleaning and care

To avoid wear and tear, we discourage wearing your Jaubalet jewellery while sleeping or doing sports. We also recommend removing your pieces when cleaning thus avoiding contact with corrosive detergents. Simply wash your jewellery pieces in warm water with mild soap and a soft brush, then rinse thoroughly.

On what finger should a cocktail ring be worn?

Where should a cocktail be worn? Cocktail rings are full of surprises and are regularly reinvented. There is only one rule, wear it as you like yet not on the ring finger. If a wedding ring or band is worn on the left hand, a cocktail ring should be worn on the right hand to prevent the two rings from touching or hitting each other. Another reason why a cocktail ring should not be worn on the ring finger is to avoid the cocktail ring’s being confused with an engagement ring.