Men’s platinum wedding band at the House of Jaubalet

 The House of Jaubalet offers several men’s wedding band models that you can customize to create a platinum wedding band that suits you and your fiancé. We invite you to discover our wedding band models and to order directly online from our virtual boutique. Should you desire something even more original, Jaubalet offers you the chance to custom design a platinum wedding band.

Why choose a Platinum Wedding band for Men?

Manufactured with respect to traditional French techniques, your platinum wedding band is the expression of the expertise of Jaubalet’s master jewelers. Moreover, it is an expression of the innovative techniques of bespoke specialist jewellers we create a 3D wax replica of your ring so that you imagine the final product. This experience is an invitation to discover your creativity and the masterful work of Jaubalet’s jewellers. Indeed, you are invited to participate in all stages of the manufacturing of your piece of jewellery.

Significance of Platinum Rings

When designer Louis Cartier gained popularity towards the end of the 19th century, platinum began to be frequently utilized in exquisite jewelry. With his usage and design of platinum, he was inventive in bringing out both its brilliance and strength. Platinum wedding bands became readily available during the twentieth century, not long after they became popular with the French aristocracy. Platinum has only grown in popularity during the last two decades. When platinum rings are paired with dazzling diamonds, they appear exceptionally stunning. It's easy to see why platinum is so popular when you consider that it's hypoallergenic and ageless.