A black diamond bracelet, indestructible love

A diamond is a diamond. These magnificent precious gemstones are extremely hard. Diamonds are forever. That’s why jewellery with diamonds can symbolize pure, unique and indestructible love. It is, even more, the case when it’s a black diamond bracelet. As it is discrete, elegant and unique, it adds grace to the woman who wears it. It is important to note that a black diamond is as resistant and bears the same intrinsic characteristics as any diamond. In addition, its chromatic particularity gives it even more charm. Learn more about this unique gemstone on our “Buying black diamonds” page.

Black Diamond bracelets with Jaubalet

The colour of your diamond significantly contributes to the beauty of your piece of jewellery. That’s why Maison Jaubalet advises you to choose less elaborate designs for your custom-designed black diamond bracelet. Consider enhancing it by combining other colour materials with the black diamond bracelet. The contrast will make it more expressive. If you fall in love with the models on our digital platform, you can order them directly online or customize them.

Meaning & Origins of Black Diamond

The origins of black diamonds remain shrouded in mystery. Black diamonds first appeared in Brazil over 3.8 billion years ago and were given the name "carbonados" by Portuguese settlers. Black diamonds can now only be discovered in Brazil and Central Africa. Black diamonds can have a variety of meanings. Black diamonds are said to have a deep spiritual connotation and are frequently utilized to ward off evil. The magnificent black gemstone is said to establish a link between the spiritual and physical worlds. Diamonds, in general, represent a deep emotional bond, which is why they are ideal for engagement rings.