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You have an idea, you would like to wear pieces of jewellery that reflect you, you want to discover, have fun or simply be unique? So become your own jewellery designer. Give free reign to your desires, Represent yourself - Express yourself through a design, stones and materials that you relate to. But above all, choose the specialists of custom-made jewellery at 1 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London, Jaubalet UK, to create your unique piece. The master jewellers at Maison Jaubalet use techniques that are often found in the ateliers of High Jewellers. They are able to make you a masterpiece of Parisian Jewellery, that is custom-made.  

PLACE VENDOME -Jaubalet Paris

Jewellery IN LONDON
Jewellery IN LONDON online

Located 1 Berkeley St, Mayfair, London, the capital of jewellery in London la Maison Jaubalet makes all of its know-how and expertise of its expert jewellers online to you. You may now obtain London jewellery no matter where you are in the world. Thanks to the  digital platform of the parisien jeweller, you may get in contact with experts in jewellery who will guide you so that you make the best choices in materials. Interactive tools will also assist you  in creating or personalising your piece as you like.  Whether it be pavage, lacquer, metal, stones, shapes, colour, or for a singular design. When your visit to our boutique is finished, you may order directly online in full security.

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Conception Designing a Custom-Made Ring 

3D Custom-Made Ring - Jaubalet
Custom Jewellery Making 1 - Jaubalet

Making a Custom-Made Ring

Custom Jewellery Making 2 - Jaubalet
Custom-Jewellery Making 3 - Jaubalet

Our Expert Jewellers 

Custom-Made Ring Precious Gems

Choosing a stone 

Romanesque Custom-Made Ring - Jaubalet

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Jewellery in LONDON
innovation with jaubalet

The innovation brought by Maison Jaubalet is made one part of the creation of customised jewellery online and the application of jewellery making techniques.  It is made up of another part the use of the 3D Wax print.  The 3D Wax Print serves as a prototype for your piece of jewellery realised in wax.  This is a wax replica of what you ordered and allows you to visualise, try on, and modify or simply validate your order.  Maison Jaubalet delights in this new innovation.        

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