Customs for Men’s Signet Ring

Conventionally, the posterity of noble families wore a signet ring embellished with the family coats of arms. The signet ring in France was not only bound to the nobles, but everyone could also wear this jewellery. They were associated with the status of the owner, the art engraved on the ring varied for each noble family member. Engulfed with traditional codes, the rings with a shield engraved on them spoke whether the nobleman is married or not, for a woman married to a nobleman the arms of the husband are in a lozenge, if the woman is unmarried, she will have a design in a lozenge. For the marriage of a noblewoman to a nobleman, their design will have arms in two ovals side by side.

Signet Rings Traditions Around the World

According to customs, a man would wear a signet ring on his right little finger, for the eldest man of the family he would wear it on his left ring finger. These codes are now non-existent for today, signet rings now complement the personality and desire of men. In France, the orientation on the signet ring speaks of the love status of its owner, if the design is drawn towards the nail, then the person is single. If the design is drawn towards the owner, he is in a relationship! Usually, the signet ring is worn on the left ring finger. In Belgium, the ring finger is honoured only for a wedding ring, so the signet ring was worn on the left little finger. Switzerland followed different customs, men wore the signet ring on the left ring finger and seldomly on the right little finger. likewise, men's rings had several customs.

Selecting Men’s Signet Ring

Custom-made Options

The signet ring is symbolic, it reflects the unique personality of its owner. If you have a desire to give yourself a beautiful signet ring, this jewel is highly identifiable, and all the engraved motif bespeaks your interest and beliefs. If you want to gift a signet ring to your biker friend, an engraved motif of the Harley Davidson logo will reflect his interest. Likewise, a pro-cannabis supporter would love a signet ring engraved with a beautiful cannabis leaf. These elegant rings are meant to capture the deep values of its owner, it creates an intimate connection between emotions and distinctive symbol.

Mythical Powers

The Signet Ring is believed to be created in ancient Egypt; it has a larger than average upper part. The rings traditionally were engraved with the coat of arms, initials of the owner, and symbols. The eccentric quality of these rings having mystique powers; is to make its presence felt like a sign of colossal power. Adapted to eclectic models for today’s world, they still seduce men. We have created a remarkable custom-made collection of Signet Rings for Men at Jaubalet Paris.