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Women's Ruby Necklaces & Pendants

Be seductive with a women’s ruby pendant or necklace.

Emblem of happiness in Antiquity, later a symbol of kings’ power, today rubies are a sign of love and seduction.

If rubies are linked to seduction it is because their red color reminds us of fire, heat, intensity, blood, sexuality and passionate love.

World famous celebrities, icons of feminine elegance and seduction have worn ruby necklaces. It is the case for Lady Deterding and Elisabeth Taylor whose ruby necklaces can be seen here.

  • Women's Ruby Necklaces & Pendants
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The virtues of women’s ruby pendants or necklaces

If kings, queens, princes and nowadays celebrities give in to the charm of this flamboyant red gemstone, it is because certain virtues are attributed to them. For “lithotherapy”, in other words stone therapy, rubies reinforce vision and are said to have a beneficial influence on cardio-vascular diseases. Wearing a women’s ruby pendant or necklace would be like having a shield that protects your heart.

Jaubalet women’s ruby pendant and necklaces

With its creations, Jaubalet Paris seeks to please you. It also gets its inspiration from various aspects associated with the materials it uses. The function of a good luck charm, linked to a woman’s ruby pendant or necklace, is represented in this ruby necklace. In the same way, Jaubalet presents “Circles” its ruby pendant. This pendant, literally “circles”, embodies the protective power of the red gem in another way.

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