Jaubalet and women's jewellery

In making women’s jewellery, Jaubalet Paris would like all women to be attractive for their own pleasure and appealing for the pleasure of others. It is also Jaubalet’s wish for women to express what is dear to them through its creations and for men to make their beloved happy as they wear the symbol of this happiness.

The lucky winner

Of all of the pieces, the Place Vendôme custom design jewellery maker offers: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, orders placed and the information requested show that rings are women’s favourite pieces of jewellery. It’s no wonder, Jaubalet Paris has made rings their speciality. All of Jaubalet’s rings, from engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewellery rings to luxury designer pieces, can be customized or they can inspire you to custom design your own pieces.

Women's jewellery a click away

Custom-made options online

Maison Jaubalet provides you with all of its jewellery collections via a digital stroll and our Christmas gift guide. You can select one from its various collections and order directly online.

Women's Jewellery

For you women wishing to use your creativity and artistic flair, simulation tools exist to customize your jewellery.  Select the shape, size, gemstone and colour. If you are looking for more exceptional pieces and special orders, follow our experts’ advice and custom design your women’s jewellery.