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The following terms and conditions and any other related rules that are adopted by Maison Jaubalet and made available as provided herein (collectively the “Conditions of Sale”) shall apply to all sales of Jaubalet products that you (the “Customer” or “you”) may order from Jaubalet  10 Place Vendome Paris France 75001 (“Jaubalet” or referred to herein as “us”, “our” or “we”) either (a) by phone via the customer contact center of Jaubalet (the “Customer Contact Center”) or (b) on the Internet via Jaubalet’s Website, identified by the domain name “jaubalet-paris.fr” (the “Website”).

The Conditions of Sale applicable to any order placed through the Customer Contact Center or the Website are those in force at the time that an order has been placed on your behalf by a Jaubalet Ambassador (in the case of an order placed through the Customer Contact Center) or at the time you place your order (in the case of an order placed through the Website). In the case of an order placed through the Website, when you check the “I Accept” box at the order confirmation section of the Website before placing your order with Jaubalet, you indicate your acceptance of these Conditions of Sale. If you refuse to accept these Conditions of Sale, you will not be able to order any Jaubalet products from the Website or the Customer Contact Center.

Jaubalet may modify the Conditions of Sale from time to time, at its sole discretion. If you are placing an order through the Website, then by checking the “I Accept” box and placing your order, you will be indicating your agreement to be bound by the Conditions of Sale as so modified through such time.

Persons wishing to use the Customer Contact Center or the Website will also be deemed, by virtue of such use, to have agreed to be bound by our Website Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which are incorporated to these Conditions of Sale by reference. Customers using the Customer Contact Center will be provided with access to our Privacy Policy as set forth in “Acknowledgment of Order” below.


Only individuals (and not legal entities) who (a) have reached the age of majority (eighteen in most states), (b) have legal capacity to enter into contracts and (c) are citizens of or residents living in France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bask, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, may order products through the Customer Contact Center or on the website. If you are under the age of majority or otherwise cannot lawfully enter into a contract, you must have your parent or guardian place an order on your behalf and thereby assent to these Conditions of Sale. Any orders placed in contravention to this provision shall be null and void.

By placing an order through the Customer Contact Center or on the Website, you represent and warrant that you are a bona fide end-user customer and will not deliver, sell or otherwise distribute Jaubalet products or purchase Jaubalet products for commercial purposes or any other commercial benefit. If Jaubalet believes, in its sole discretion, that an order would violate the terms of the preceding sentence or that Customer is engaging in fraudulent or grey market activities, then Jaubalet may refuse such order.


All orders placed through the Customer Contact Center or on the Website are subject to availability and acceptance by Jaubalet.

Jaubalet reserves the right to change the assortment of items proposed on the Website or through the Customer Contact Center and may limit from time to time the quantity of Jaubalet products that may be ordered by a Customer in a single buying session. Currently, orders may not exceed five (5) products in any buying session on the Website.

The Customer Contact Center and the product pages of the Website can provide you with information regarding products that are currently available for sale through those channels. Please note that only those creations displaying a “details and purchase” button is available for sale through the Website. Jaubalet reserves the right to change from time to time the assortment of items offered on its product pages. You may also call the Customer Contact Center (+33 1 53 45 54 10 ) and a Jaubalet ambassador will provide you with further information as to product availability and assist you with your purchase.


In order to place an order through the Customer Contact Center or on the Website, you or the Jaubalet ambassador (on your behalf) may either register and create an online account on the Website, or place an order as a guest without creating an online account by selecting the

"Guest Checkout" option that is only available on the Website. In order to register an online account, you will be required to provide valid and up-to-date personal information, such as your legal name, phone number and e-mail address, and to confirm that you have reached the age of majority.

Upon completion of your account registration on the Website or by the Jaubalet ambassador, you will receive by email a one-time password, which will allow you to log in to your account on the Website and create a permanent account login and password. You will also receive a second email summarizing the personal information you provided in registering for your online account. You are responsible for ensuring that your password and account login are kept secret, safe and secure at all times. Jaubalet will not be held responsible or liable for any misuse of your account resulting from a third party’s access to and use of your password and account login.

We may change the information required to place an order or the registration requirements from time to time. Any changes will be posted on the Website. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and clause 8 of these Conditions of Sale for more details about how we may use your personal information. If you select the “Guest Checkout” option on the Website, your online account will not be created and we will not use your personal information for any purpose other than in connection with processing your order.

Should any of the information you provide to the Customer Contact Center or on the Website change, please login to your account and update such information directly on the Website, inform the Customer Contact Center or notify Jaubalet at the following e-mail  or as set out in our Privacy Policy. Moreover, in the event that Jaubalet reasonably suspects that a third party has breached a customer's registration, password and/or account login, Jaubalet shall immediately cancel and terminate such account, and notify you by email or telephone.


If you would like to order on the website, your order will be processed as follows: once you have chosen a product, you may place the product in your shopping bag.  You then may continue shopping and place the products in your shopping bag (subject to availability and stock) or order.  You may delete one or many products that you have placed in your shopping bag.  When ordering on the phone from the Customer Care Center (Telephone Number indicated on the Website), a representative from Maison Jaubalet will guarantee the processing of our order. 

When you make an order with the Customer Care Service or on the website, you will have to give your details (Mailing Address, Billing Address, and Payment Details).  You attest that all of the information given to Jaubalet is exact. Jaubalet or its third party providers may collect additional information at this time for security and anti fraud purposes.      

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary provided for herein, Cartier reserves the right to refuse, cancel and terminate orders at any moment in time. For example, Jaubalet may refuse, terminate or cancel your order if there is an ongoing dispute concerning payment of a prior order or if Jaubalet suspects, in its sole discretion, that you have engaged in fraudulent or grey market activities or have otherwise violated these Conditions of Sale.


Without explicitly indicating differently, all of the prices listed on the website or presented by the Customer Care Service are in Euros, that includes the Value Added Tax, but outside of shipping or other taxes. 

Maison Jaubalet reserves the right to modify prices and the shipping costs at any time without prior notice.  The price of a product and the shipping fees listed on the site or indicted by the Customer Care Service will be fixed from the moment that Maison Jaubalet confirms with you that your payment has been accepted.  The Order Confirmation does not guarantee the order was validated. 

Shipping Costs and the applicable taxes will be indicated on your order before you are asked to confirm and place your order (In the case of a Website Order), or will be indicated to you by the Customer Care Service (If the order is done by telephone).  They will be reflected on your order confirmation and and your invoice (if you opt to receive one) the shipping costs are indicated if any are set forth in the shipping policy below.  Keep in mind that the Added Value Tax varies according to the place where the products are sent. 

The Value Added Tax associated with your order will be calculated at the moment that your order will be sent, at which moment you will receive an order confirmation (which is cited in clause 10).  Please note that any modifications to applicable law between the time of your order to the date you are sent a confirmation, may result in changes in the sales tax you are charged.  If the resulting change is an increase in the sales tax you are charged, we will contact you and ask you to reconfirm your purchase. 


We advise you to carefully review all of the details of an order before sending it to a Customer Service Representative or before placing an order on the website.  We advise you to carefully review all of the specific information about the order given to you by by the representative for Jaubalet (If an order is done by the Customer Service Representative) or on the Website (If an order was placed on the internet).

After confirming your order, please click on the button saying “I read and accept the conditions of sale” before validating the conditions of sale, click on the button that says “order and pay”, or any button that will validate your order. 

Whilst validating your order, you will bid to Maison Jaubalet for the products that are placed in your shopping bag.  Contrary to what may be written in this text, Maison Jaubalet has the right decline, cancel, and terminate any orders at any moment for legal purposes.  For Example, Maison Jaubalet can refuse, terminate, or cancel your order in the case of fraud concerning a payment for a prior order or if Jaubalet suspects a falsification or any other type of infringement of the Conditions of Sale.


8.1. You may make your purchase by credit or debit card where it is indicated on the website or by the Customer Service Representatives. 

 When you order on the internet, you must fill out the form with your billing details.  In the case where you order by phone you must give the Customer Service Representative the number of your Credit Card or Debit Card and your security code (the three numbers written on the back of your card).  Your Phone Order may be recorded for security and quality assurance purposes.  But in no case shall your card information be recorded other reason than for the processing you order and payment.  Please refer to our Confidentiality Policy in which detailed information concerning the manner and amount of time that your confidential information and phone orders will be recorded. 

All of the processors of credit card payments are subject to authorisations and authorization procedures by Credit Card Companies.  If your credit card company does not authorize the payment to Jaubalet, you will have to contact them to rectify the problem and Maison Jaubalet shall not be held responsible for late deliveries or non deliveries. 

In order to process your order, we may need to request the prior authorization of your card.  The charge on your card will be blocked until we receive a confirmation that the product has been shipped.  An order confirmation will then be sent to you and your card will be debited for the amount applicable.  By submitting a bid to Maison Jaubalet on the website or with a Customer Service Representative, you authorize Maison Jaubalet to proceed to authorize the payment on your card.  If Jaubalet needs to acquire information (including updated information) regarding you, intended to go to or come from a third party. This information includes, but is not limited to your card number, in order to verify your identity to validate your payment to acquire an initial authorization of the card to allow transactions.  Please refer to our Confidentiality Policy in which we may use or keep your personal information. 

8.2. Payment by Wire Transfer

You may pay by wire transfer.  Please do not forget to put the reference number for you order on the form for the Wire Transfer. 

After your order is placed and you have opted for a Wire Transfer as your method of payment.  Maison Jaubalet will wait to obtain your payment before validating your order.  If the amount is not in our account in 7 days after your order is placed, it will be cancelled.

Maison Jaubalet only takes the amount in the wire transfer.  Nevertheless, please verify that the amount we receive is the correct amount for the merchandise in order for us to process your order.  Note that certain some banks may charge a commission on the amount that is wired. 

 8.3. Security

Maison Jaubalet is particularly vigilant in terms of administrative, technical, and physical, - In order to protect your personal information against, loss, theft, or fraud, likewise against non authorised alteration and destruction. Maison Jaubalet uses the secure server “Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) on all of our web pages where personal information is indicated. 

It is our obligation to protect your personal information through all the steps of your order.  However, we cannot guarantee the integrity and security of information that you give on the website and we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss as a result of using the internet.  For example, in the case of pirating.  In order to obtain all of the information concerning our usage and protection of your personal information, please consult our confidentiality policy

In order to secure your transaction and prevent fraud, La Maison Jaubalet has a verification process of your credit card.  Whilst processing your order, you will be asked to authorise Jaubalet to proceed with this security check.  If la Maison Jaubalet deems it necessary to obtain information, you will have to give that information to verify your identity and approve your payment to obtain the initial authorization for your credit card and allow your transaction to be processed.     


After your order has been placed on the website, or one of our Customer Service Representatives, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your order, including the details of your order as well as the Conditions of Sale.  This acknowledgement of your order will contain a reference number given by Jaubalet.  It is important to review the Conditions of Sale attentively to assure that you kept the reference number for the order.  The Reference Number will need to be given for any questions about your order

This acknowledgement of the reception of your order does not mean that your order has been accepted.  After you receive the acknowledgment of the reception of your order, Jaubalet will initiate the usual security checks and then take care of your order.  The order will be temporarily accepted until the payment is received by Jaubalet.  You will receive a confirmation by email once the payment has been accepted and validated.  Any time before you receive that email, the order can be terminated by Jaubalet.


As soon as the product is shipped and after having completed the security checks, Jaubalet will contact you by email with an Order Confirmation. 

The Order Confirmation does not guarantee a validation of your order by Jaubalet.  Only the email, confirming that the payment has been made will be considered an “Order Confirmation”. 

Jaubalet will keep all relative information about orders in accordance to law.  These documents will be available to clients in the “My Account” section of the website or by contacting the Customer Care Center. 


Please take into account that Jaubalet does not send products to certain addresses (for example, P.O. Boxes and Hotels).  You will find more information on the website or by contacting the Customer Care Centre. 

The Shipping Fees and Time of Shipping will be indicated on the website or by the Customer Care Centre before your order is processed.  They will be summarized in the Acknowledgement of receipt of your order. 

Once you have the estimated time of shipping, please stay up to date on the estimated time of shipping, the verification of your address, the processing of your order, and the time necessary for your payment to be received.  Once the order I processed and ready to be shipped, we will send you the Order Confirmation by email.  Please check our site or contact our customer care centre for more details.

In all cases, we do our best to respect the estimated time of delivery that is on your Order Confirmation.

Maison Jaubalet guarantees purchases during the time of their shipping until the time that they are delivered to you.  We need an adult to sign hereby confirming the receipt of each product from Maison Jaubalet delivered.  From that moment on, the responsibility of the purchased merchandise becomes yours. 


Once you place an order on the internet, or with one of our customer care representatives, you may choose to receive your receipt at your address.  If you decline your receipt, you can always get the receipt by calling the Customer Care Centre, you will be subject to provide proof of identity to the Customer Care Centre. 

Please take into account that Maison Jaubalet does not divulge receipts or relative payment information to the addressee


If you are a client living within the European Union, you may withdrawal from a present contract in 14 days without justification.  The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days of the reception by you or a third party other than the shipper.  You must return the products in your possession.

In order to withdraw, you must contact our Customer care Centre (Phone Number and Email on the site) to obtain the Return Number that we confirm in writing.  Then, you must inform Customer Care at Maison Jaubalet at 10 Place Vendome 75001 Paris France of your decision to withdraw from the present contract by a clear declaration (ex. A letter sent by mail or email). 

 If you decide to withdraw from the present contract, we fully reimburse all of the payments including the shipping fee (we do not reimburse fees that were charged for a different method of delivery other than the standard one that we offer that costs the least).  In the time after the withdrawal period, and in all cases that surpass the 14 days period where we are notified of your decision to withdraw from the present contract.    

We reimburse using the same payment procedure that you used in your initial transaction, unless you have clearly stated otherwise.  In all cases, you will not pay a single fee deriving from a similar payment.  Please provide a copy of the SWIFT of the initial transfer in the case of a Wire Transfer so we can reimburse you to the same bank account.

We may refuse to reimburse until receiving the merchandise or having received the proof that you have shipped back the merchandise as your earliest convenience.

You must return the products to us as soon as possible and in the case that you have not withdrawn after 14 days, you would have to let us know that you plan to return.  The time period is respected if you return the products before the expiration of the period of 14 days.  For all other products before the expiration date of 14 days, the conditions and price of shipping them back is on you. 

The Client will be at fault if any product is damaged caused by excessive use and needs to be repaired, the characteristics and correct function of the product.  The client must inspect it and make sure that it is the same quality as you received it.  Consequently, if the product is destroyed, Jaubalet will deduct the cost for repair from the amount reimbursed. 

The customized products from Jaubalet can only be returned in the form of an exchange or reimbursement.


The selected products are covered by the International Guaranty of the Maison Jaubalet.  If you wish to repair a product covered by the guarantee, please send us an email or contact our customer care service for more information. 


As clients, you benefit from Federal Laws governing the sale of goods.  These rights are not subject to the Conditions of Sale. 


For all questions concerning a repairs, please contact our Customer Care Centre.


Even Though Jaubalet srives to strictly adhere to the information published on the website or in the catalogues, or even given by a Customer Care Representative, Jaubalet cannot guarantee explicitly or implicitly, that the exact prices that we post will be honoured.  Jaubalet does not guarantee that the price of a product before the distribution before an order confirmation has been given.  To this point, the Order Confirmation indicates a transaction and the price.  If the actual price of a product is more than what is recorded, either a customer care representative will contact the client before sending the order or the customer care representative will contact the client and the client can refuse the order. 

Even though Maison Jaubalet tries to strictly adhere to the descriptions, photographs, or graphic representations of products.  Maison Jaubalet cannot guarantee that there will be no errors in presentation. That is to say, omission, an element that we don’t do anymore, or any other reason.  Consequently, the only recourse for the client with an error like that is to send back the product as stated in our Return Policy. 


Information and Complaints. In the case of a complaint, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at this address: Address.  You may also contact the Customer Care Centre by the phone number and email written on the internet. 

In the totality of the contract, the conditions of sale, including the policies joint to the present, form the totality of the contract concluded by You and Jaubalet, relative to your purchase from Maison Jaubelet by in the intermediary the customer care centre or the website waive all other conditions of sale before.    

Divisibility. In the eventuality of an agreement the Conditions of Sale will be considered inapplicable our nullified by a court of law.  For whatever reason, it would be inapplicable exclusively in this situations. The validity and applicability of other agreements than the Conditions of Sale will not be touched. 

Proof of Agreement.  The Acknowledgement of Receipt and the Order Confirmation that will be sent to you by fax or by email are while you are able to receive it via your cell phone, your computer, or your fax.  The acknowledgement of receipt of the order and the Order Confirmation and document recovery systems are used by the Customer Care Centre or the internet to provide the proof of a binding agreement between Jaubalet and Yourself. 


The Current Conditions of sale are regulated by French Law and are adapted to comply such such law.  Without making a reference to relative dispositions a an eventual conflict and laws are excluded by the CISG. 


You make initiate a legal procedure against Maison Jaubalet solely in a French Court of Law. 

Without any restrictions on the initiation procedure, Jaubalet or the Client will do everything possible during a period of 30 days to rectify the problem amicably.  Any issue or disagreement that may result because of a product or is related to a product is subject to the Conditions of sale. 


10 Place Vendôme 75001 Paris – France

Last updated : 2 nd January 2018