Pearl Rings are Doubly Romantic

Women, pearls, and pink or better yet roses! Rose means pink in French. Women receive roses as a sign of love.  How about giving that special woman in your life an original gift, a pink pearl ring? As it is both pearl and pink it is doubly romantic. It becomes the perfect flower that never wilts and is immortalized in beauty and splendor.  Why not have the pink pearl mounted on a pink rose petal. What a great idea for a custom-designed women’s pink pearl ring like Jaubalet’s “Eternal Flower” ring!

Select a pink pearl for a Pink Pearl Ring

Natural pink pearls are produced by Caribbean conch shells near Florida, Mexico, and Cuba. They can be recognized by their flamboyant or even sparkling pink. These gems given to us by nature are often of a small diameter, oval in shape, and of Baroque style. As they are of excellent quality and highly sought after, they can reach astronomical prices. Why? There is one pink pearl out of 10,000 shells, and a single good quality pearl out of 100,000.  If you would like this kind of pearl for your women’s pink pearl ring, plan to pay a high price. Otherwise, there are pink cultured pearls coming from various seas around the world. Color, brilliance, and shape will determine their price. The cost of your women’s pink pearl ring will consequently depend on the choice of pearl.

Meaning of Pink Hue

Pink pearls or pearls with strong pink overtones signify romance, love, and gentleness, and are a highly feminine color. They're also quite rare, so getting a lovely pink pearl is a bargain! Pink pearls are quite valuable, particularly in the United States, yet they are one of the rarest natural pearl hues. The endangered queen conch snail produces these, which have yet to be properly cultivated. As a result, the majority of pink pearls on the market are freshwater pearls that have been dyed.