Why select a yellow gold ring for men?

Yellow gold is the most adored precious metal. It has always been associated with signs of power, wealth, and authority. It was a few centuries ago that this precious metal was reserved for royalty and men of high social class. The middle class was refrained to even fantasize about such a jewel with exorbitant prices. It required quite some time and the evolution of a “bling-bling” culture. In its composition yellow gold is a very practical metal, malleable, and easy to use in jewellers, it also has a coating preventing it from rusting even after its prolonged use. The Egyptians, regarded as the first goldsmith in history. They used it to make an ornament, jewellery, and work of art still found in excellent conditions today in museums. A man’s yellow gold ring is often given on special occasions such as after particular age or communion or for a wedding. Some large families have gold signet rings engraved with the family coat of arms, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

The men’ yellow gold: a lucky charm?

A yellow gold ring is considered to have many beneficial properties for its owner. Known for its mystical properties, it is said to increase the quality of the stones associated with it, strengthening the nervous system and facilitate digestion, balances the hormonal system, improves the blood system, and cure arthritis. In some African countries, they believe if anyone steals a piece of jewellery they get exposed to multiple curses and the wrath of spirits. If you desire to keep the shine of your yellow gold ring here are some tricks: while cleaning your jewel, use a cloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles soaked in soapy water. If the jewel is very dirty, add a drop of ammonia to the soapy water. To make your gold ring shine, polish it with a microfiber cloth sprinkled with talcum powder. To erase scratches, use a polishing product that you will apply by insisting on the scratches or a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and toothpaste that you will use to polish the ring with a piece of cloth.

Custom-made Ring

Versatile Choice

Throughout history, rings were always given special status. They were used as a religious sign, as a tool, as a talisman moreover expressing their value in social gatherings. Jewellery made of precious metals has long been reserved were usually reserved for people with high social rank as a sign of power, royalty, and invincibility. Among precious jewels that left an impression on history, gold is notably the most adored. This noble metal still lures everyone with its attractive colour and shine and attracts attention to the person wearing it.