Why choose a White Gold Wedding band?

The reasons for this choice can be very personal.  They may also be very different according to whether it is a man or a woman. When women choose a White Gold Wedding band, she wants her and her future husband to have the same ring.  Where men are concerned, they are more attracted to the fact that it is a neutral colour, and they are less accustomed to buying or wearing jewellery. White gold is also easy to wear; it is a discrete, durable and more resistant metal, which makes it ideal for active men or for those doing manual work or hobbies. A lot of people don’t know that White Gold is apparently more resistant than platinum. It is solid and is more resistant to scratches. 

White gold wedding bands with Jaubalet

If you like white gold, you will be captivated by Jaubalet’s white gold wedding bands. Thanks to Jaubalet’s know-how and the use of palladium in the composition of the white gold that it uses for its jewellery pieces, the Parisian jewellery designer guarantees its exceptional wedding bands. At Jaubalet Paris you will of course find classic style white gold wedding bands. You can also discover other models that express Jaubalet’s creativity. You can either order them directly online or customize them to your heart’s content. For the most demanding jewellery lovers, Maison Jaubalet is specialized in the custom design of white gold wedding bands.

Jaubalet Care: Wedding band

All of our white gold wedding bands can be taken care of with warm water and mild dish soap, as long as no harsh chemicals are present. Scrub away dirt and flaws using a soft-bristled toothbrush for particularly difficult work. Your wedding band should never be soaked and should always be thoroughly dried. To bring back some real glitter, polish with a soft jewellery towel. For some next-level upgrading, follow the material-specific recommendations below. Your jewellery, like everything else you possess, should be cleaned with care, taking into account the material. Consider this: you wouldn't clean your Porsche's body with Windex, so why would you clean your titanium rings with a gold cleaner? Don't take a risk by using the wrong cleaner since it might cause irrevocable harm that you'll have to deal with for the rest of your life.