Jaubalet’s women’s white pearl necklaces or pendants.

Your specialist in custom-design jewellery provides you with women’s white pearl necklaces or pendants that you can customize in our virtual shop. You can also decide to make your pearl jewellery even more like you and your life’s story by choosing to custom design a women’s white pearl necklace or pendant. In that case, we invite you to contact us via our live chat service to make your piece of jewellery a real gem.

Care for women’s white pearl necklaces or pendants

Whether you select a white pearl pendant with a single pearl, it is recommended to follow a few simple guidelines in order to preserve your pearl jewellery. Pearls are organic and are therefore delicate. They should not come in contact with chemical substances, heat or other hard objects. Remember that they come from the sea. Pearls should therefore be occasionally submerged in slightly salted water in order to maintain their beauty and lustre. After wearing them, it would be wise to rinse them in order to rid them of perspiration resulting from contact with skin. To do that, rinse and dry them, then buff them with a chamois or soft cloth dipped in a bit of oil. By following these tips, you can prevent pearls, which are kept in a case for long periods, from losing their lustre and shine and thus becoming dull beads. If your jewellery includes gold or diamonds, for example, the chain, we will provide you with additional care instructions at the moment of purchase.

Significance of Pearls

Pearls, according to legend and history, are symbols of wisdom earned through experience. The stones are said to provide protection as well as bring good fortune and riches. They're recognized for their soothing properties. Pearls have a way of bringing your karma into balance. According to legend, pearls protect your children while also improving your connections. These little diamonds are also supposed to represent the wearer's devotion, charity, honesty, and purity. These are only a few of the legends surrounding these priceless jewels. The greatest emblem of knowledge is the pearl. Pearls are prized for their soothing properties, as well as their ability to build important connections and communicate a sense of security. Purity, as well as honesty and loyalty, are all symbols associated with pearls. Pearls are symbols of knowledge obtained through life's experiences. The jewels of the sea are said to provide protection as well as attract good luck and riches to the wearer. Pearls also represent the wearer's purity and honesty.