Black diamond pendants or necklaces, protection, and strength near her heart

Crystals, metals, fine gems, and precious gemstones are well known for numerous virtues.  True or False? Everyone has their own opinion.  You will never know anything if you do not have the experience for yourself. The Black Diamond pendant itself is known for absorbing negative energy and canceling it.  They provide protection and strength. The heart is the seat of feelings. Wear your black diamond pendant or necklace near your heart as a lucky charm.  Contrary to other diamonds it does not reflect light, but rest assured it will make you more luminous from the inside out.

Black Diamond Pendants and Necklaces, Our Advice

Black diamonds pendants are unique not only for their color but also for their proprieties. Check out our “Black Diamonds” page as well as our blog to learn more about black diamond necklaces and pendants. A women’s black diamond necklace and pendant require no special care. However, to protect it, avoid exposing it to high temperatures and chemical products. Do not put it in direct contact with other jewellery. Keep it in its pouch or case. It can also be cleaned with warm water, hand dish soap, and a soft brush. If you are unsure of doing it yourself, contact us especially if the chain and the clasp are made of a fragile material.

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Significance of black diamond

Colorless and black diamonds have the same fundamental structure. To put it another way, they're largely the same. The black hue of Black Diamonds, on the other hand, is the consequence of an induced graphite inclusion during the diamond's creation beneath the Earth's surface. Natural Black Diamonds have a "polycrystalline" structure that results in an impenetrable black hue with little reflection. As a result, graphite inclusion is the single feature that distinguishes Black Diamonds from other gems.

Types of black diamond

There are two sorts of Black Diamonds: natural black diamonds and colorless diamonds that have been heat-treated to achieve a fancy black hue. Their rarity and value are unquestionably not the same. The two kinds have a fairly similar overall look. As a result, distinguishing a real Black Diamond from a heated one might be difficult. The main appeal and worth of Black Diamonds, however, lies in their natural state.