Emerald bracelets, choosing the gemstone

Emeralds are one of the precious gems along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Although they are neither the hardest nor the most expensive gems, their color makes them quite charming. They are ideal for emerald bracelets to bedazzle your writs.

Jaubalet Paris signature Emerald Bracelets

Characterized by their vivid colour and charm, emeralds are also known for being quite fragile. A special cutting called the emerald cut was created to better protect them and increase their resistance. Jaubalet Paris made their specificities an asset in order to provide you with majestically designed emerald bracelets.

Taking into consideration an emerald’s characteristics, we have favored small size gems for our collection. We recommend you do the same for the customized or custom-designed emerald bracelets that you can easily order online. Pair this along with our emerald engagement ring.

Different types of bracelets

Gemstone Bracelet

Gemstones may be found in almost any type of jewelry. A pendant, earrings, or rings might be used. Furthermore, jewels are employed in bracelets! Aside from its brightness and beauty, one of the most important reasons to wear a gemstone-encrusted piece of jewelry is to provide a representation of a person's individuality or character. People generally buy jewelry with a gemstone that reflects their birth month; moreover, we all know that gemstones have diverse significance that we learned from ancient people's beliefs. Wearing a gemstone emerald bracelet just became a whole lot cooler!

Beaded Bracelet

Many people think that wearing a beaded bracelet provides them with a special type of energy or good luck. This type of bracelet comes in a variety of hues, depending on your own preference. We generally use these types of jewelry items as accessories to go with other pearl jewelry or some of our other jewelry items that are also embellished with beads without realizing that the beads have meanings. The significance of a beaded bracelet is determined by the color we choose. If you're wearing a purple beaded bracelet, for example, it implies you're more creative, it clears your thoughts, and it relieves tension.