Customized Ruby Earrings for Women

You may personalize models created by Jaubalet Paris and order directly online. Your Ruby Earrings will be made in one of our ateliers by our expert jewellers in the most pure tradition of French High Jewellery. Earrings allow us to set our imaginations free and open us up to the dream. For a Customized model exclusively for you, our designers and expert jewellers will help you to elaborate your custom ruby earrings.

Beauty of Ruby

Ruby has been associated with love, energy, passion, power, and a zest for life for thousands of years. Ruby, more than any other gemstone, is the ideal emblem for strong emotions. Ruby's second significant component, aside from fire, is blood, which is supposed to replenish vital life forces as well as enhance vitality and vigor. Ruby is also regarded as the stone of courage, and tradition has it that someone who wears a ruby would never be afraid of evil or disaster. Rubies are said to invigorate and balance the body, stimulate the heart chakra, and inspire a love of life, but never in a self-destructive way. They are able to deal with fatigue and hyperactivity. They cure fevers, illnesses, and limited blood flow by detoxifying the body and blood. They stimulate the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs, and spleen, and are beneficial for the heart and circulatory system.

Ruby Earrings for Women, Care

We talk a lot about upkeep of diamonds, silver, and even platinum while sometimes forgetting other precious gems.  However, we should talk about how to take care of them to make their brilliance long lasting.  For Emeralds and for your Emerald Earrings, clean them depending on their nature.  We will tell you how to care for small earrings, set jewellery, or another model.  The way in which a stone is set obviously will determine the way you will care for it. It is important to know that all precious gems do not have the same endurance.  The Diamond takes the first place in endurance, followed by the sapphire, the ruby is a bit more fragile.  Keep it away from corrosive products.  Take it off and carefully put it away in its case while sleeping, swimming, or working out. To care for your Ruby Earrings for Women, that may tarnish or be damaged by contact with skin, clean them regularly.  No corrosive products, simply soapy water and a small brush ( a very light toothbrush)