Pleasure and desire with women’s Tahiti black pearl pendants or necklaces.

A Tahiti black pearl pendant or necklace around a woman’s neck conveys elegance and mystery. Everyone knows how elegant and mysterious women can be fascinating. Mythical Tahiti black pearls are coveted not only for their beauty but also for what they symbolize and the virtues that are attributed to them. They bring vitality to the women who wear them. As the almost perfect symbol of everlasting beauty, Tahiti black pearls have enchanting appeal.

Jaubalet women’s Tahiti black pearl pendant or necklace

With its creations, Jaubalet Paris represents what is related to a woman’s world and pearls in its Tahiti black pearl pendants and necklaces. Myths and legends are a part of that world. Regarding the Tahiti black pearl necklace, “Larme Sacrée”, “Sacred Teardrop”pearls are said to be the goddess’s tears. Concerning the Tahiti black pearl necklace, “Rotta Fortuna”, the Italic goddess of providence invites you to try your luck.