Women’s blue sapphire pendants and necklaces are love’s guardian

The virtues attributed to blue sapphires pendant, those linked to love, are very popular. According to Greek tradition, they foster loyalty and protect amorous feelings. They believed to attract love and fortune.

It is understandable why the choice of a blue sapphire for an engagement is appealing. Likewise, a women’s blue sapphire pendant or necklace as a gift is a beautiful surprise and will take you off the beaten track while preserving the same meaning.

Jaubalet’s women’s blue sapphire pendants or necklaces

For Jaubalet, the Place Vendôme specialist of custom design jewellery, each woman is a source of inspiration for herself and for others. Blue sapphires are dreamy and celestial gemstones. Consequently, a customized or custom-design blue sapphire pendant or necklace is a worthy choice. It is not uncommon to see how the Jaubalet women’s blue sapphire pendants and necklaces can inspire and appeal to ladies. We present, for example, two blue sapphire pendants that are popular with the fair sex. It is hard to tell whether it is the simplicity, the beauty, the know-how, or simply the presence of the blue sapphire that explains their choice.

The beauty of Blue Sapphire

Early Beginnings

Blue Sapphire gemstones have been linked to royalty since the time of Solomon, who wore a Sapphire ring. Sapphire is most likely connected with wisdom for this reason. Sapphires were prized by kings and queens who believed they safeguarded them from danger and envy. The upper clergy used Blue Sapphire jewels to signify paradise in the Middle Ages. It's also conceivable that they wore them because sapphires are stunning and they could afford them.