A women’s emerald pendant or necklace is a perfect gift

An emerald pendant or necklace is a beautiful gift for what it symbolizes. In addition, the beauty of this gemstone is such that many parents name their children “Emerald” or “Esmeralda” (in Spanish). Etymologically speaking, the word means precious gemstone or the woman with secrets. Women with the name are known to be objective, realistic, intelligent, and curious. There is someone in your life you are particularly attached to and she has this name, the perfect gift for her is a women’s emerald pendant or necklace.

Jaubalet’s women’s emerald pendants and necklaces 

Emerald pendants, associated with spring because of their unique green colour, enhance the jewellery in which they are set. Jaubalet Paris has featured this aesthetic characteristic in two of its collections:  the “Presides” and “Triangles”  a women’s emerald pendant and necklace that can be ordered directly online or customized.

Jaubalet Paris: Buying Guide

Brilliant Cut

Depending on the cut, the emerald pendant can have light to dark colors. The deeper the hue, the better the cut. Emeralds have been associated with riches and dignity since antiquity. With just a single glimpse, this stunning green gemstone may elicit sentiments of jealousy.

Care of your pendant

The safest approach to clean emeralds is with warm, soapy water and careful washing. Here's how to do it right: A gentle brush and a warm, mild detergent solution should be used to clean an emerald. For around 10 minutes, immerse your emerald in a dishwashing detergent solution similar to that used to clean normal home dishes.