Tahiti Black Pearl Ring, A myth around a finger 

Many myths and legends are built around precious and semi-precious gemstones. Concerning these exotic pearls, there are even more. Around the four corners of the earth, Tahiti black pearls continue to inspire poets, artists, jewelers, and particularly jewelry designers. Why not you?  For your Tahiti black pearl ring, we will let you create your own myth, write your own story by our custom-made option so that your piece of jewelry will be even more unique than it already is. 

What occasion suits Tahiti black pearl rings?

Black Tahiti pearls are so specific that a well-chosen special occasion is ideal for giving a ring mounted with a black Tahiti pearl. Originating from the fusion of two worlds, animal and sea, Tahiti black pearl rings connote wealth and the noblest of feelings including love, admiration, gratitude, sincere friendship, tolerance, and respect!. It is up to you to find the feeling of quality you would like to celebrate in the woman who will wear this ring. Pearls are the traditional gift for a 30th wedding anniversary. What an opportunity to give natural beauty and foreverness, the image of, your wife! A black Tahiti pearl ring is a naturally beautiful and timeless gift as exceptional and elegant as your beloved.

Jaubalet Care: Black Tahiti Pearl

Because pearls are the only natural gem, they are more fragile than other jewels used in jewelry. To clean your pearls, never use ultrasonic cleaners, steam cleaners, or even the softest of brushes. Simply soak your pearls in water and wipe them dry with a lint-free towel to keep them clean. The polishing cloth that came with your Tahia Exquisite Tahitian Pearls is specifically intended to maintain your pearls in pristine condition. After applying make-up and arranging your hair, put on your pearl jewelry as the finishing touch. Because pearls are inherently absorbent, the chemicals and acids in hairsprays, cosmetics, and fragrances can damage their shine. Before putting your pearls away, carefully wash them clean with a lint-free towel after each use. A pearl's glossy surface is softer than that of other gemstones, and it can be damaged by jewelry made of stronger metals or gemstones. Pearls should be kept away from other jewelry in a soft purse, lined box, or drawer.