History That’s Always In Style

In the 19th-century cufflinks were used to attach the double cuffs of a men’s shirt, also known as French cuffs.  Since then, cufflinks have become real jewellery for men.  They are not only becoming trendy but being made in different materials. In essence, cufflinks have respected deep-rooted traditions since their creation. As is often said, “tradition remains tradition”. White gold cufflinks remain timeless and go well with all kinds of menswear.

Coveted white gold

It is said that white represents unity and perfect stability in western countries. For generations, white has been linked to marriage, purity, virginity, and somewhat perfection and the divine. Today white gold is one of the most widely used gold colours in fine jewellery making and in men's ring. Therefore, whether worn on a white or coloured shirt, an elegant or casual suit, white gold cufflinks bring that added touch of elegance, distinction, and discrete chic.

Style your Cufflinks

Style with contrasting colours

Playing with clashing colors is a wonderful way to properly integrate your own style if you feel secure. Is there a blue suit in your closet? Wear it with a pair of cufflinks. Alternating bright and dark tones in your clothes is another option. A navy-blue jacket, for example, might look best with white gold cufflinks. Cufflinks are usually hidden beneath the suit's sleeve, so if you have contrasting cufflinks, they will show up when you move, adding a subtle touch of distinction.

Match with your outfit

Always keep in mind that the color of a cufflink is controlled not only by the substance (gold, silver, metal, etc.) but also by the design elements. Contrary to popular belief, the color of your white gold cufflinks must coordinate with the rest of your clothing, including your tie, belt, socks, and shoes. Jauablet Paris offers custom-made cufflinks.