Choosing a pink sapphire bracelet

The quality of your bracelet depends on the quality of the pink sapphire. In order to treat yourself or the one you love and be totally satisfied with your purchase, go to our “Buying pink sapphires” page where you will find everything you need to know to have the best precious gemstones.

Jaubalet Paris’ pink sapphire bracelets

If there is one thing that Jaubalet Paris’ pink sapphire bracelet communicates, it’s tenderness and femininity. Both are expressed by simple gestures such as a woman running her fingers through her hair. Your specialist in custom-designed jewellery uses this jewellery to honour women’s gracefulness and their soft and charming gestures. Jaubalet’s creativity and know-how at their best! As are the blue sapphires entrusted in the expert hands of the master jewellery craftsmen for a result that we hope will go beyond your expectations. Maison Jaubalet’s pink sapphire bracelets are recognizable by their original, contemporary and often unique design.