Jaubalet’s golden pearl necklaces or pendants for women

If you are quite cheerful and patient, select a women’s golden pearl necklace or pendant. It will do your beauty justice. Your Parisian jewellery maker provides you with genuine drops of gold represented in a golden pearl necklace or pendant. All of the models available in Jaubalet’s virtual shop can be customized. Go even further and create your own by custom designing a golden pearl necklace or pendant with Jaubalet.

Care for women’s golden pearl necklaces or pendants

Whether you select a white pearl strand or simply a pendant with a single pearl, it is recommended to follow a few simple guidelines in order to preserve your pearl jewellery. Pearls are organic and therefore delicate. They should not come in contact with chemical substances, heat, or other hard objects. We recommend applying your perfume before putting on your golden pearl necklace or pendant.  Remember that they come from the sea. Pearls should therefore be occasionally submerged in slightly salted water in order to maintain their beauty and luster. As with all jewellery, the pieces should be stored separately to avoid scratches or nicks from coming in contact with each other. Keep in mind that they are delicate. After wearing them, it would be wise to rinse them in order to rid them of perspiration or makeup resulting from contact with skin. To do that, rinse and dry them, then buff them with a chamois or soft cloth dipped in a bit of oil. By following these tips, you can prevent pearls, which are kept in a case for long periods of time, from losing their luster and shine and thus becoming dull beads. If your jewellery includes gold or diamonds, for example, the chain, we will provide you with additional care instructions at the moment of purchase.

Meaning of Pearl Colour

Every time we make a purchase, the color of the pearl is taken into consideration. The current hues of pearls are carefully considered since they might be natural or produced. They can also be used to complement the skin tone. They also represent our personal preferences. The nacre, surface, origin, and color of pearls all contribute to their attractiveness. So, let's dive into the fascinating world of pearls and learn about the many hues and colors that they come in. Pearls exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and hues, as is well known. We frequently ponder how pearl hues are produced and why different colors of pearls exist.