White Pearl Engagement Ring by Jaubalet

With Maison Jaubalet, you may set your White Pearl on a band of your choice in a solitary style.  Your Pearl will be valuable as it sits like a queen on her throne.  You have at your disposal a large collection of rings by Jaubalet and you may personalize to obtain a splendid White Pearl Engagement Ring.

Select and care for a white pearl engagement ring

When you opt for a White Pearl Engagement Ring to symbolize your promise of love, it is important to choose your pearl wisely.   Caring for a golden pearl engagement ring does not correspond to the same logic as for pearl necklaces for example. Although contact with water is recommended for pearl necklaces, it is not the case for a pearl ring. Natural pearls are much more fragile than precious gemstones. In addition, white pearl engagement rings are original in style and also atypical in their setting. Indeed, pearls are not mounted on a band in the same way precious gemstones are. Pearls are set on a stem, most often in gold, and then glued with cyanoacrylate also called super glue. This glue is very strong but it does not like contact with water.

Virtues of White Pearl

The pearl is said to be born of the Earth's waters and the forces of the heavens, fertilized by a flash of lightning in ancient Vedic writings. It is thought to be the Moon's daughter. The pearl has astrological connections with the planet Venus in Western civilizations. The goddess of love, like pearls, sprang from the sea. Pearls have a second aquatic connotation due to their form. According to legend, white pearls are the tears of the gods. According to mythology, Eve's tears transformed into pearls when she was expelled from Eden. The scarcity and high cost of pearls also contributed to certain still-in-use phrases. Matthew 7:6 in the Bible warns against casting "pearls before swine," or squandering important resources on futile efforts. The term "pearls of wisdom" is still used to describe valuable advice and guidance. Pearls were extremely difficult to discover and harvest millennia before permaculture. When wisdom is provided, hold it in high regard as though it were a precious jewel.