The new technique of 3D printing 

This innovative technology combined with high-performance materials creates outstanding technology-assisted manufacturing. Jaubalet is the pioneer in combining innovation, know-how, and traditional technique by utilizing state of art technology which is disrupting the world of fine jewellery.

3D bague - Jaubalet

Design and modelling of the ring on computer. Image of the final rendering

Bague sur mesure 3D - Jaubalet
Image 3D bague - Jaubalet

Wax printing with a 3D printer

Imprimante 3D bijoux - Jaubalet
Nettoyage de la cire - Jaubalet

Cleaning the wax with petroleu

Cire de la bague Romanesque - Jaubalet

Wax ring is sent to the customer for validation of its volume and proportions.

Bague sur mesure Romanesque - Jaubalet

Result. A ring that is made from your dream.

Wax an essential tool

When creating bespoke jewellery, every imagination is allowed; you can let your imagination run as wild as it can. It can be a sapphire engagement ring, a solitary emerald, a platinum and diamond wedding ring, or a ruby pendant, that you want to get for yourself or for your beloved person on a special occasion. With a few essential steps, your design moves from a dream into reality while we ensure it matches your expectations. To do this we offer our services in design and creation. After the design and 3D modelling, the wax prototype of the jewellery is produced, it appreciates the shape and the volume of the jewellery. It is when your imagination comes to life, you can visualise it with a dummy stone and try it on. You have options to upgrade and adjust it. After confirming your satisfaction, our highly skilled jewellers create this beauty that is on par with your imagination.