Black Diamond Earrings for Women

Jaubalet Paris has many collections of Black Diamond Earrings.  They will illuminate your face and give chicness and elegance to your outfits.  Your Black Diamond is generally paired with metals and precious stones to reach its full potential. You may order your unique Black Diamond Earrings online.  They may also be customized via our customization tool on the the website.

Type of Black Diamond

Natural black diamonds and diamonds that have been treated to become black are the two major forms of black diamonds. The first kind — diamonds with a natural black look — is much more expensive and attractive, as it is with virtually all gemstones. Natural black diamonds are more precious than treated black diamonds. These are white diamonds with a lot of inclusions and fractures, and they have a dull grey color. These diamonds are practically worthless in their natural condition and are primarily utilized for industrial reasons. Heat, pressure, and irradiation treatments can be used to give a diamond a black colour, resulting in a black diamond. Natural black diamonds, on the other hand, acquire their color during the formation process, with no external influence. There are many inclusions in these stones as well, but the inclusions form graphite clusters, giving the stone a black, metallic look. Natural black diamonds are exceedingly uncommon and expensive, far more so than chemically treated black diamonds, due to the biological method they are formed.

Black Diamond Earrings, Care

To clean the Black Diamond Earrings, put them in a small amount of lukewarm water with a little soap.  Let that sit for a few minutes, not too long.  Then use a small brush on which you may lightly rub the places where the skin and the jewellery meet, but don’t forget the stone.  If your stone is set, clean the parts that are set.  Rinse and wipe with a micro fibre rag. You will receive more advice to care for your piece, particularly if it is made up of different metals and needs a unique treatment.