What are the reasons for choosing a yellow gold wedding band?

It is not only by tradition that men and women choose yellow gold wedding bands. Yellow gold’s characteristics are also very appealing. It is rare, precious, shiny, solid, durable, inalterable, and yellow gold does not lose its color. For many people, it is the noblest of precious metals and the worthiest to symbolize the union between two people in love.  If we refer to the symbolism of yellow gold wedding bands, it is synonymous with sunrays, strength, wealth, and eternal brightness for the future newlyweds. 

Yellow gold wedding bands with Jaubalet

Jaubalet Paris offers a wide and diversified range of yellow gold wedding bands to order directly online. Some models are simple and traditional while others are original. All of our wedding bands in our various collections can be customized according to your wishes. You can also custom design your yellow gold wedding band and order it online. Jaubalet guarantees all its jewelry. To learn more about yellow gold rings go to our “New Jewelry trend” blog post 

Significance of Gold

Gold is a hue associated with extravagance, luxury, riches, and excess, and it has many of the same characteristics as yellow. Gold is a warm hue that may be both bright and joyful as well as melancholy and classic. Gold is related to the colors yellow and brown and is linked with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom. Gold is a valuable metal associated with riches, grandeur, and success, as well as glitter, glamour, and shine. The official fiftieth wedding anniversary present is gold, followed by copper for the seventh wedding anniversary and bronze for the eighth wedding anniversary.