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New Jewellery Trends

New Jewellery Trends

New Jewellery Trends

Everybody knows the story of Coco Chanel.  Everybody knows how she put pants on women.  If it weren’t for her and her bravery in breaking gender barriers and making pants for women, they might still be earring heavy dresses and corsets.  Fashion would have never taken its turn that was the basis for most for our ready to wear collections today.  A new trend or a revolution in style begins with creation.  It begins with somebody being brave enough to say that they want something different.  It begins with a man buying a man skirt by Jean Paul Gaultier and saying that this is what he chooses to wear.  That is how style revolutions are made.  Use the opportunity to create custom-made jewellery with jaubalet to empower yourself and others around you.  If you are a woman who likes thicker bands, then go for it.  If you are a man who wants emerald earrings, then go for it.  Be you.  Fashion and style revolutions start here.

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New Jewellery Trends: Gender Barriers

We live in a pretty strict gender binary where women dress one way and men dress another way.  A lot of men also find it emasculating to wear a lot of jewellery.  I remember when men were only allowed to wear one earring on the left ear, because it was a commonly spread belief that wearing one earring on the right ear was the gay ear.  As time went on, men went on to wear earrings in both ears.  Now, that is commonly accepted.  Before, that was something that women did.  Fashion and Style continues to evolve in terms of gender.  Fashion Brands have been developing more and more for men as menswear is the future of fashion.  New York City started their own men’s fashion week.  This is about a growing trend in men’s fashion across the board.

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It is okay to want something different and to want to dress in your own unique way.  Our experts in High Jewellery agree and they will help you to create the piece of your dreams, whatever gender you may be, and whatever style you may want.  The revolution in High Jewellery begins now.   

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