History of the Opal Ring

The ring is imbued with precious gemstones and noble metals to make it an exceptional jewel. It is a fine stone with a similar resemblance to minerals. It is a jewel formed in the shape of a ring to create a mesmerizing art of beautiful colours, which makes them elegantly unique. The name “opal” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Upala” meaning gemstones, it further gets translated to the Latin word “opalus” and the Greek word “Opallios” meaning “to witness a change in colour”. The origin of this divinely beautiful stone is very intriguing! Throughout its history, the opal was given many names such as Pandora, the light of the world, rainbow serpent, and so on. It mesmerized the greatest writers of the time to compare it to galaxies, fireworks, or volcanoes. Its charm and vivid colours made it the Roman's most rare stone. For the Greeks, it was a gift from the prophecy and immunization against the diseases. They believed that the opals came from the joyful tears of Zeus. We can find objects embedded with opals dated back to 4000 BC in Kenya. This shows the pristine character of the opals long before it was created into a piece of jewellery. The opal necklace during the Middle Ages was worn for the first time. It was believed to be good for the eyes. It was beloved by blond women to preserve their hair colour.

Virtues of the Opal Ring

The opal ring has always been seen to have origins from divine powers. It is bestowed with many magical virtues. It is said to increase creativity, inspiration, and memory. During childbirth, the opal ring can reduce the pain in some virtues. Its powers of controlling anger and depression along with healing allergies and dissolving fibroids are mythical to understand. Discover our process of creating a unique piece of jewellery.

Jaubalet Care – Opal Ring

Scratch Precaution

The opal ring is elegant beauty and a delicate piece of jewellery. As it is partly made of water, it must be ensured that it is kept away from drying out by cleaning it with lukewarm water, while using liquids and a soft brush. It should be protected from shocks and rubbing with other minerals. It is best to avoid exposure to sunlight and any chemicals. To keep it in its best quality, wrap it in a slightly damp cloth protecting it from scratches and dehydration.

Cleaning the opal ring

Bring your opal back to a professional opal cutter if it loses its lustre or becomes scratched. Small scratches and scuff marks over time cause an opal to lose its lustrous sheen and become dull. Professional polishing may bring a dull or damaged opal back to life, and we can also check for claw damage and assure the setting's security.