When should I give a Pink Sapphire Necklace or Pendant?

She who has won your heart has just become a mother, you wish to celebrate her courage and show her your love and your dedication to her.  A bouquet of roses that she loves is certainly a good idea, but what do you think of making that moment live on forever with a necklace or a pendant that she will have forever? The etymology of the Hebrew word Sappir means “The most beautiful thing”.  This child that was just born, isn’t it the most beautiful thing between the two of you? You can find numerous occasions to give gifts like that, let your precious pink sapphire pendant speak your love in the most beautiful way.

Pink Sapphire Necklace or Pendant for Women by Jaubalet

Jaubalet Paris gives you a large spectrum of Pink Sapphire necklaces and pendants for women.  You may choose among the models that we made available on our virtual boutique or you may choose to personalize or create your own necklace or pendant. The Sapphire is a stone that has the advantage of crossing almost the totality of stones: grey, white gold, yellow gold, Pink Gold, or Platinum

Significance of Pink Sapphire

Meaning of pink sapphire

Pink sapphires pendant are said to have a number of connotations, including good luck, strength in the face of adversity, passionate love and compassion, and subtle elegance. As many modern weddings choose blush and baby pink color schemes, the bright color has become extremely fashionable for engagement rings. Pink sapphires are in great demand because of their attractive hue and outstanding light reflection. Their popularity has surpassed that of blue sapphires. Pink sapphires of all colors, from mild baby pink to "hot," magenta, and vivid, are in high demand.

Choosing the right cut

When buying a pink sapphire, the cut is highly essential, especially if the stone is above 1 carat. The cut allows the stone's natural beauty to come through by allowing light and color to shine through at their finest. The cut is especially important with lighter-colored stones since it will be the primary determinant of how your sapphire shines.