Ruby bracelets, charm, and seduction

Red, vivid red, and passion red! It’s definitely this voluptuous color that characterizes rubies. This precious gemstone is the symbol of passionate love. Rubies worn by women are also charming and seductive. To get off the beaten path and for that special attire, choose a ruby bracelet. It will follow her every move and make her even more graceful and feminine. 

Ruby bracelets, ideal gifts

Red hearts, red petals, and especially chocolate; it’s Valentine’s Day. So that you are forever in your beloved’s mind, do something out of the ordinary. Give her a ruby bracelet a sign of the love that unites you. She has been at your side for 35 summers and 35 winters. For better or worse her presence reassures you and her smile still makes you melt. A ruby bracelet is a perfect gift for your 35th wedding anniversary. Love always love! You would simply like to rekindle the flame and remind her how much she counts in your life, a ruby bracelet is just the gift. Visit our Christmas proposal ideas for more exciting jewellery.

Customized or custom-design ruby bracelets

For unique jewelry that resembles you choose a customized or custom-design ruby bracelet. Jaubalet Paris provides you with excellent quality rubies delivered with their certificate of authenticity. Follow our advice on the “Buying rubies” page in order to select the best gems. The choice of ruby will determine the quality of the bracelet itself. You will be assisted throughout the decision-making and crafting process by our jewelry experts. If you are not inspired to create your own bracelet that would be crafted by Jaubalet’s artisans, you can customize one and or order one from the ruby bracelets in our collections.