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Maison Jaubalet is a company whose head office is at 10 Place Vendome 75001 in Paris.  In this Confidentiality Policy, the term “Jaubalet” “Us” “Our” refers to Jaubalet’s Head Office located at the address listed above. 

Please take a moment to read the policy that explains how we collect, utilise, disclose, and transfer personal information that you give to us through our site, mobile applications, or when you contact a customer care representative over the phone. 

Below, we will explain how we collect information with cookies, but also with technology that you use in doing business with us. 

The Confidentiality Policy was last updated for the second time in November 2015, We may modify it at any time.  Please consult this policy regularly when hearing of a recent update.

 How we use the information that you Provide

To use some of our services on the website, you must register on the site.  While registering you must give some personal information about yourself including (your name, your shipping and billing address, your date of birth, your email, and your phone number).  

By filling out our online forms, you are hereby authorizing Jaubalet to use the information that you provided.  

Additionally, we may collect the information that you provide to us (by email or by mail).  We may also collect information that you provide to us upon a visit to our showroom, but also by contacting a Customer Care Representative by phone.  Please note that conversations with Custome Care Representatives may be recorded for reasons of security or for quality assurance purposes. 

Additionally, we may collect automatically the information pertaining to user accounts on our website.  That is explained in the section marked “Cookies and Additional Information that we collect” below.  

We use information that you provide for:

  • Consider and process the orders and repairs all whilst assuring client care services

  • Process your orders and requests 

  • Sending messages related to our services, including information about new products and administrative communications about order confirmations for example. 

  • Information on New Products and Events related to our brand while respecting your preferences having to do with communications.  (Please refer to the section “Modification, Delete, and Edit your personal information” for more information on your preferences having to do with communications); 

  • Processing requests to improve our services that we propose to our clients; 

  • Prevent fraud and other illegal activities; 

  • Analyse the way in which our website is used in order to improve the site and our services. 

Cookies and other information that we collet automatically 

Like the majority of our servers, Jaubalet detects the IP addresses and takes advantage of cookies and other technologies that are aimed at identifying you and rating your experience to obtain information on the way our users browse our site.  Below, you will find more information on the use of cookies and other technologies aimed at analysing experience. 

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that retains history on your computer and your mobile devices when you go to a website for a mobile application.  They are used to easily recall your prior searches.  Cookies are often used to improve websites and propose better content to the user. 

We use cookies to improve and enhance the experience for our clients (for example, to remember your language preference) and to better grasp how to use our platforms.  The cookies may be present if you used our platform in the future or if you are a new client.  They also help to give you more accurate advertisements that are in line with your interests.  

Two Types of Cookies 

  • The Cookies put in place directly by Maison Jaubalet on your computer or your mobile device are used exclusively by Jaubalet to identify your computer and your mobile device when you are navigating our website. 

  • Third Party Cookies are installed by our web provider in order to identify your computer and your mobile device when you navigate other websites.  Third Party Cookies are used primarily for purposes of publicity.

Cookies can be saved on your computer or on your mobile device for a period of time.  Certain cookies are “Session Cookies” which mean that they are only active when your navigator is open.  They become inactive when you stop using your computer.  Certain cookies are permeant cookies which mean that they are saved on your computer even when you stop navigating the web. We may use them to identify your computer or mobile device when you pen your navigator on your computer. 

Which cookies are used by Maison

Our servers install the types of cookies mentioned below on your computer or on your mobile device. 

Types of Cookies: Mode of use 

Necessary Cookies: These cookies are important to provide you with services by the intermediary of our server and to access certain functions, notably to attain secure zones.  Without these cookies, our services would not be made possible in order to meet your needs in that these pages allow transactions and protected user accounts to be protected and accessed in a secure space. 

Functional Cookies: These cookies have different objectives related to the presentation, performances, and functionality of our site.  Their general goal is always to improve user experience, but also the harmony of the website.  Some of these cookies allow for example, users to select their language or another website. 

Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used to acquire information on the ways in which users use our platform.   

The information collected is arrogated which does not allow users to be identified.  This information includes the number of visitors to our website, the websites that lead those users to us and the pages visited on our platform.  

We use this information so that our website functions better, so that we collect information on large demographics, and so that we can control the level of activity on the site. 

Advertisement Cookies: After you visit our website and you see advertisements with the same products, these cookies are used to select advertisements based on your interests.  They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertisement. 

They are generally placed by advertisement platforms with our permission.  They remember the part of the site that you consult and that information is shared with other organisations particularly to advertise. 

Sharing Cookies & Social Media: These cookies give users the option to share the pages and content on social media handled by third parties and other platforms.  These businesses that make these cookies can also utilize your information for the purposes of targeted advertisement on other platforms. 

You will find more information on cookies used on this website and on third parties that install cookies and our acceptance process for those cookies.  You my use this tool once you define your preferences for cookies. 

Limit or Delete Cookies  

You have the possibility od choosing or denying cookies and we will explain how below.  In all cases of the refusal of cookies, you may not be able to take advantage of all of the functions on our website. 

You have the opportunity to define your preferences related to cookies with the help of our accept function or modify your preferences on your navigator so that cookies cannot be placed on your computer or your mobile device.  To do this, follow the instructions on your navigator (generally in the “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” tabs). 

For more information on cookies and how cookies are installed on your computer and your mobile device and how to limit and delete them, please consult www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu.  

IP Address 

We may keep some information on your computer and your mobile device, including your IP address, how you used the site, the amount of time you visited our site and the type of navigator that you used.  We use this information to better understand the way that users use our site and for internal documentation.  We keep them anonymous and share the information with Publicity Departments, Sponsors, and other third parties. 

Sharing Your Information

We are very strict about not renting, selling, or sharing your personal information with third parties or businesses that are not affiliated and that do not belong to the group Jaubalet except in the situation below: 

  • Service Providers that give services to our website like online payments and others.  The processing of transactions by Credit Card and Processing by Check and the prevention of fraud.  

  • We may also provide your personal information to all third parties who accept, or who give to us a significant amount of our services and activities.  If such a sale or such a transaction were to take place, we do our best to make sure that they entity who receives your information will use it in a way that conforms to our privacy policy. 

  • International Transfers 

Sharing Your Information 

We hope that you feel safe using our website and that we exercise caution in protecting your personal information that we collect.  We limit access to personal information that concerns you to employees that have a legitimate reason to access it in order to provide you with products or services.  We have added organisational, physical, electronic, and administrative measures aimed at maximum protection of your personal information that you provide and to prevent all illegal authorisation and fraud against loss, damage, or accidental damage. 

Modification, Deletion, and Access to your Personal Information

You have access to a copy of the personal information that concerns you that is in our database to correct all errors and to update the old information.  You also have the possibility of asking that we do not send you advertisements (Please not that we might continue to send you communications in relation to our services) like emails that inform you on the status of your order.  To reject these uses of your personal information, please send us an email at the address below.  

Updates on the Privacy Policy 

We may update the current Privacy Policy at any time. The modifications will be up to date on this page.  If you disagree with these modifications, please stop using the site.  If the modifications are substantial to the Privacy Policy, we will inform you by email where you will be able to see it here. 

For all questions or comments about the Privacy Policy or another subject, pleas e contact us at the address below.  Please use this address if you choose to obtain a copy of your personal information that concerns you in our possession. 



10 Place Vendôme 75001 Paris – France

 Last updated : January 2018