Custom Jewellery to fit your Style

In the Fashion Industry, we hear this Yves Saint Laurent quote over and over again “Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal”.  People who love style repeat this line over and over again, because it is one thing to do what everybody else is doing, but it is another thing to do something all your own.  We all have our own styles that fit our own personalities.  Jaubalet is all about creating your own individual piece of jewellery.  The great thing about jewellery as accessories is that there are very few rules.  You can use jewellery to dress an outfit up and down.  You can give your little black dress a classic touch with a pearl necklace.  You can give your cocktail dress some individuality by wearing your Archipel Pink Pearl Pendant.  You can pop a colour with your Pink Sapphire Bracelet.  The choice is yours and the options are numerous.  Do not buy jewellery by asking yourself what you’ll wear it with.  In Fashion, every collection has a staple piece.  That is a piece that never leaves your closet and is always relevant in your world of style.  Think of your jewellery as your staple pieces.  They are always relevant because there are so many things that you can do with them to keep, reinvent, or resurrect style.  Take our Quake Pendant for example, whether you have it in Blue Sapphire Paving or Pink Sapphire Paving, or Diamond Paving with Yellow Gold, this one piece can be worn in thousands of ways.  If your outfit has blue shades to it and you would like to pop a nice Blue Stone, you can have the Quake in Blue Sapphire Paving.  If you are feeling really Parisian and you have on Pink Heels, a White Top, and Jeans you can use it to complete the casual-formal look.  The lesson here is that your jewellery should be a reflection of your personality, rather than a reflection of your clothes.  Here you have the perfect opportunity to create the jewellery of your dreams with expert jewellers at Place Vendome. Design with us!

Custom Jewellery to fit your style: Get Personal

Pieces of jewellery are like tattoos.  You can get colours, stones, and shapes that for whatever reason might mean something to you.  You can get birthstones, favourite colours, favourite central stones.  The choice is yours.  Make your jewellery speak to you.  If you are trying to recreate a piece of jewellery in your family or put your Grandmother’s stone on a new band, we can do it! The idea is for you to have a jewellery box that remains a major part of your every day life.

custom made design

Custom Jewellery to fit your Style: A Style Investment

Parisians have understood style for longer than anybody else in the world.  For Parisians, it is not about labels, it is way more personal than that.  It is about style. Parisians like a simple base to their outfit like a T-Shirt and Jeans and great accessories like bags and jewellery.  That is the great secret to Parisian style.  Parisians understand that jewellery is a style investment.  You will get a lot of outfits out of your jewellery, especially if you have it custom-made.