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Choosing a Pink Sapphire Ring

Choosing a Pink Sapphire Ring

Choosing a Pink Sapphire Ring: The Meaning of Pink

Pink is a very feminine colour that is normally associated with femininity, romance, and unconditional love.  Pink is a colour that appears a lot around spring, because it is also associated with hope.  By proposing to her, you are offering her the beginning of a new journey together.  Your Pink Sapphire ring will tell her that you love her, that you are committed to this next step, and that you have a bright future together.  Pink is also a great colour for her engagement ring if she just loves pink.  Like I said, pink is a feminine colour and some women just love pink.  It is the height of femininity and surrounded by diamond paving, it could be the perfect engagement ring.  Like everything else, you can opt for paving or without paving.  To see if she would like paving or not, take a look at her other rings.  If her other rings have lots of paving, then it is safe to get her a ring with paving.  If not, it might be better to go with a singe stone engagement ring

Hera Ring - White Gold - Pink Sapphire - Diamonds - Jaubalet

Choosing a Pink Sapphire Ring: What looks good.

Like Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires are exceptionally beautiful stones.  Pink is a bright colour, so it would be good to pair it with a white gold band.  Diamond paving with that will look elegant and bring out the beauty of the Pink Sapphire.  You can also try a Pink Sapphire Central Stone with Blue Sapphire Paving.  The two sapphires, have a beautiful contrast on top of a white gold band.  Take a look at our engagement rings and choose any model you would like.  If you have a really unique vision, feel free to contact one of our experts in high jewellery.  They can help you to bring your vision to life.

Pink Sapphire Ring - White Gold - Pave Diamonds - Mont Olympus - Jaubalet

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