Jaubalet puts all of its creativity and knowledge to work so that men can as elegant as women and that women can find in them what they expect: distinction, refinement, and attention. Wedding Bands and Cuff Links are the most sought after pieces of jewellery for men.  Jaubalet Paris proposes a selection of classic models for men, but also models that are more original and personable – White Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum, and Precious Gems like Rubies, Diamonds, and Sapphires. On our site, you may find different collections of these pieces for men to personalise.  It is up to you to choose the detail that will bring you elegance and finesse.  Choose the pavage, the color, and the stone that fits your taste.  The knowledge and innovation of Jaubalet will always accompany you through your choice.


The Creative Genius of Jaubalet does not stop here. Men's Jewellery is an important accessory for men.  Beyond its decorative function, men’s jewellery helps to symbolize style and personality.  It sends a message and must always be adapted to the occasion.  To meet this expectation, the Custom Jewellery Specialists at Place Vendome Jaubalet Paris is at your service online, allowing you to work with our experts and order your pieces online without having to leave the house. The Parisian Jeweller also offers the possibility of ordering other pieces like rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for men.  It is a subtle category of jewellery and refinement is essential in order to give certain masculinity.  They also have the advantage of being full of sentimental value or considered talismans.

History of men’s jewellery

Early Beginnings

The earliest people to wear jewellery were the Neanderthals. Historians think that animal teeth and shells were used to create the world's first jewellery around 130,000 years ago. Researchers in Croatia discovered a set of eagle talons from the historical period, which they believe we're part of a necklace or bracelet worn by a male.

Egyptian Era

Egyptians are eager to build a better future for themselves. Men and women in Egypt piled gold and silver in the belief that this would attract the attention of their gods. They were more appealing to the deities who governed health, prosperity, and the afterlife if they wore more jewellery.