History and meaning of the tsavorite engagement ring.

Tsavorite is a garnet gemstone that is highly rare. It is incredibly challenging, much like an emerald. It was discovered in Kenya, in the "Tsavo" park, in 1967 by a Scottish geologist, hence the term "Tsavorite." As a result, it is a comparatively new stone, having only been found in the twentieth century. Tsavorite deposits are currently mined in Kenya and Tanzania, but only limited quantities are available. Tsavorite is present in large numbers in Kenya and Tanzania today, but small amounts are also found in Madagascar and Quebec in some mines. It's a mineral that's always used in magmatic rocks. There are many advantages of wearing a Tsavorite engagement ring. It aids in the discovery of inner beauty in oneself and others, for example. It is a calming and defensive stone that aids in dispute resolution and the quest for a soul mate. As a result, it's possible that you've actually met your other half. As a result, it's a lovely symbol of dedication. It is also claimed to be a stone that brings good fortune and wealth, as well as promoting fertility and benevolence. The colour green is a sign of hope and good fortune. It can thus reflect your good fortune in meeting the woman of your dreams and your expectation that your relationship will last a lifetime! It is not a frivolous decision, but rather a significant letter that you send to your fiancée.

How to maintain a tsavorite engagement ring?

The Tsavorite engagement ring is made of a very hard stone that resists scratches and shocks. It is both acid and heat resistant. As a result, you will wear it every day without any hesitation. You can clean it by rinsing it with water and a little dishwashing soap, for example, and then washing it again. On the other side, make sure it's completely dry to prevent limescale build-up. Remember that Jaubalet will make a personalized Tsavorite engagement ring for you. A piece of jewelry that says and represents your love story. You may thus design the ideal ring for your fiancée by selecting the setting, stone size and colour, as well as the instrument (white gold, yellow gold, platinum ...). You will be supported and accompanied by true jewellery experts! If you choose, you can also personalize an established ring. Find out how to personalize your ring by clicking HERE. Please contact us if you are involved.

Choose your tsavorite engagement ring :

The first element you will choose is colour.

Tsavorite is green in colour, but it comes in a variety of colours. This gem is coloured by vanadium with hints of chromium which ranges in colour from a rich green to a green with a touch of gold. The stone is more expensive if the green colour is more vivid. This dazzling and exceptionally brilliant green typically have very few inclusions, giving it an unrivalled brilliance and vivacity to that of emerald! A pale green Tsavorite engagement ring, on the other hand, would be less expensive and have less value. Tsavorite engagement rings have the same colour as emerald engagement rings, but they are less costly and of higher quality. It is less brittle than emerald and does not take any special care (heating, oiling ...). As a result, Tsavorite engagement rings are becoming more common and are being sold in jewellery stores.

The second element you will choose is the size of the stone.

Tsavorite engagement rings are available in a wide range of sizes, forms, and designs. The most common cuts are oval and cushion, but round cuts are also popular. Tsavorite garnets come in broad enough sizes to be used as the centre stone in a women's engagement ring.

The third element you will choose is the match between the stone and the ring.

Tsavorite's sumptuous green colour can be paired with any metal colour: yellow gold, white gold, silver, and so on. With the exception of rose gold. As a result, you will, for example, pair the green gemstone with a white gold ring. The two are a dream match! This unusual, but the elegant and trendy colour will delight and enliven your future fiancée! Purchase an original engagement ring, such as a Tsavorite ring, to add your own special touch to tradition. Giving your fiancée a Tsavorite engagement ring ensures a one-of-a-kind, special, and original gift, but if you want to make a point, this is the ring for you. It would, without a doubt, be the most vibrant and dazzling of all engagement rings!