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Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

A rose…in the language of flowers is proof of real and tender love.  In fact, this colour is a combination of white and red.  One part of this divine colour, purity and innocence and the other part sensuality and the fiery passion of red.  An engagement ring in Pink Sapphires is therefore an expression of sincerity and loyalty and the pink emblem of romance and happiness.   


  • Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring
Expert advices

Choosing a Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring  

It is vital to make the best choice possible in choosing the stone for your ring and above all to find the right combination of metal that is going to bring it out.  This gem has an advantage of going with all colours of metal whether its silver, white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, black gold, or platinum.  This of course, will depend on your preferences.  As for the stone, it is graded right after the diamond in terms of durability.  Apart from the size and weight, the colour is the most important factor thst will determine the price of your ring.  

There are many shades of Pink Sapphires.  The most sought after shade is a strong an intense pink.  If you choose this colour for your Sapphire Rose Engagement Ring, it is going to cost a bit more, because it is relatively rare.  The other shades, medium pink or a clearer pink are more affordable.  With everything take into account, it is your preference that will lead you to the stone of your dreams.  

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring by Jaubalet Paris

Thanks to the online boutique at Jaubalet Paris, you may order a Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring Ring online in a singular design.  The Parisian Jeweller gives you the option to personalise the ring of your choice among its collections.  To be more original, opt for a Customised Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring.  A piece of jewellery that tells the story of and symbolises your love story.      


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