The History & Significance of the Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

Tourmaline is a category of silicate minerals, specifically cyclosilicates, with a diverse and highly variable composition. Tourmaline can be any colour, but it can also be several colours in one crystal. There are 13 variants in all, with pink tourmaline being one of them. Furthermore, tourmalines, according to ancient Egyptian mythology, are stones that emerged from the earth's core after a long journey that led them across a rainbow. This story helps to understand why the tourmaline family is so colourful and diverse. The word "tourmaline" is derived from the Sinhalese word "touramali," which means "mixed-colour stone." This name was originally given to a variety of coloured stones found in Sri Lankan mines. Pink tourmaline is also known as "rubellite," which comes from the Latin word "rubellus," which means "reddish." It's also a play on the word 'ruby,' which has very similar colours. Afghanistan, Brazil, Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Nepal, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States are the major sources of this semi-precious stone. The most exquisite variations can be found in Mozambique's Shimoyo. Pink tourmaline was once thought to be a sign of immortality in ancient Greece. It is also known as the artist's stone because it encourages imagination. Pink tourmaline is often said to attract love and boost the wearer's femininity. As a result, it is THE ring for women par excellence, as well as THE diamond of love par excellence. On Valentine's Day, it is often offered as a token of true love, both romantic and fusional. Pink is actually a mixture of white (purity, innocence) and red (sensuality, desire in love), making it an ideal colour combination to propose to the lady you love! It is particularly appealing because it's a new, feminine hue.

How to take care of your Pink Tourmaline Ring

This kind of pink tourmaline ring does not require any special care. However, we recommend that you purify it on a regular basis, such as by running it under clean water. You should wash it with water and a little dish soap, then clean it underwater again. On the other side, make sure to thoroughly dry it to prevent lime deposits. To keep the colour as vivid as possible, the pink tourmaline engagement ring may be recharged in the sun (for a short time), under the moonlight, and/or on a quartz cluster.

How to Choose the Right Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring?

The first criterion for selecting a pink tourmaline engagement ring is the colour.

This gemstone does, in fact, come in a variety of colours, ranging from pale pink to dark red. Since there are so many different shades of pink, you can begin by deciding which colour and hue you prefer. The clarity of the pink tourmaline engagement ring is the same. This includes everything from perfect translucent diamonds to the opacity of rugged crystals. The appeal of the pink tourmaline ring increases as the visibility of the ring improves. Pink tourmaline engagement rings are usually rather included, but finding one with high purity is difficult; however, this should not be seen as a flaw, but rather as a seal affixed by itself, observing the stone's long forming process. The pink tourmaline engagement ring is a fantastic alternative. Pink tourmaline engagement rings are also a great alternative to pink sapphire engagement rings, which are sadly much more costly and hence less affordable. The pink tourmaline ring also has heavy pleochroism, which means that its colour varies depending on the angle of observation, showing a lighter and darker hue, which adds to its uniqueness. The pink tourmaline engagement ring is an invigorating stone that helps to get rid of gloom and sadness. It is said to have a positive effect on the libido, it helps to bring a taste for life, good humour and it reduces fears. The pink tourmaline engagement ring is an energizing stone that aids in the removal of sorrow and gloom. It is said to have a positive impact on libido, as well as a taste for humour, a sense of humour, and the reduction of fears.

The second criterion for selecting a pink tourmaline engagement ring is the size and shape of the stone.

Stones come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Pink tourmaline is most often found as rods with a triangular base. As a result, tourmalines in emerald forms, more or less elongated, are very common. Since pink tourmaline ring is a soft stone, it can be cut into any shape you want: circular, oval, pear, or triangle. The aim is to give it a form that better highlights its various colours and intensities.

The third criteria for selecting a pink tourmaline engagement ring is the matching of the stone with the band (and therefore the choice of metal).

Pink tourmaline ring complements a wide range of metals, including white gold, yellow gold, pink gold, and black gold. It is entirely dependent on your personal interests. However, here are few pointers: Small pale pink tourmalines are best matched with understated metals like white gold, silver, or even rose gold, which will enable them to fully articulate their brilliance and subtle nuances. Pink tourmalines that are larger or more vivid go well with yellow or black gold. To delight your loved one and give her the ring of her dreams, we also provide two services: the personalisation of a ring (from any of the Jaubalet collections) if you only want to change a few details or the full design of a custom-made ring. In this case, you can choose the stone's colour, height, form, weight, purity, ring, and matching metal, among other things. Make your own pink tourmaline engagement ring as a token of your one-of-a-kind and everlasting love!