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White Gold Wedding Rings for Women

Why choose a white gold wedding band?

After the big day, you have beautiful photos, wonderful memories, but most of all wedding bands on your fingers.  A material symbol for an immaterial sentiment, in other words, love that unites you to your other half for the rest of your days.  That tells you how important the choice of a wedding band is.  Generally worn next to the engagement ring, the wedding band for women must be the same colour gold.  If you would like your wedding bands to be strictly identical, the gold colour has to appeal to both husband and wife.  Some would like that the colour of the ring be the same colour as the watch.  But, finally the choice of a white gold wedding band for women is a choice that both husband and wife must make together.


  • White Gold Wedding Rings for Women
Expert advices

A wedding band with or without stones?

For us, experience has shown us that white gold is chosen by women as a wedding band for its innocence, peace, virginity, and purity that white symbolises.  

Women also opt for a white gold wedding band for women because they like it or simply because the white is simple and refined. Being the best combination, with Palladium, our white gold ring does not get yellow.  

The wedding band is for the most part a ring that is not set, without a stone and has recognisable characteristics.  This type of wedding band which is classic is very solid because it does not have any external elements.  Our know-how and your creativity are what makes up the beauty of your ring.  

Nevertheless, we not that there is a contemporary trend to choose to have wedding bands mounted with precious stones (rubies, emeralds, sapphires, or diamonds).  This is a decision that you have to make and depends on your tastes.  However, keep in mind the coherence of the engagement ring.  Do not forget that this is also a piece that you will wear forever...

If you love stones, know that white gold mixes well with pure gold and receives precious gems very well.  The good news for a White Gold Wedding Band.  However, this option implies that you must pay more attention, because a wedding band with precious stones are by nature more fragile.  You must therefore respect the advice that we give to care for your piece after the purchase.     

A White Gold Wedding Band with or Without Pavage?

The rules are the same as the ones above for the wedding bands with and without precious gems.  

You may find extra information on our page "Wedding bands for Women" that will help you in choosing your white gold wedding band for women.   

Voici également quelques modèles de Jaubalet pour vos alliances en or blanc femme. Inspirez - vous en pour vos alliances sur mesure ou personnalisées ou commandez - les directement en ligne.

Here are some models from Jaubalet for your White Gold Wedding bands for Women.  Be inspired! You may also choose to personalise and customise and order them directly online.  

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