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The Signet Ring, a symbol of power, wealth, and family were worn on the little finger. These rings were popular among women with the influential power to differentiate themselves. Usually engraved with name, initials, status, or family crest they were seen as signatures. Each ring was made to be unique by inscribing series of words or images of the owner. As a part of heritage and legacy, they were passed down from many generations.

The Gentlemen's Ring or Signet Ring

The gentlemen's ring has always been seen as a symbol of politics and business. The signet ring with the family crest and monogram would be dipped in hot wax and then put an imprint on important documents to be marked as a seal. These rings were worn to prove authenticity. The big size of the signet ring intends class and wealth. Such marvelous creations used to come at a very high cost, only certain classes like the King, Religious Leaders, Doctors, and Lawyers could have afforded it. It was an ornament that was passed down from generation like a father to son. The most common designs were the owner's initials, monograms with an official coat of arms. More simple designs were some distinct letters. Men used to prefer to wear the ring mounted on chains or embedded in the purse of their pocket watch. For generations, signet rings were an essential part of society, culture, and have witnessed history. Their popularity grew in women as well, women's signet rings were kept in jewelry boxes to pass them among family and decorate them more as time passes by. The house of Jaubalet Paris takes you on an adventure to explore such masterpieces with a rich heritage.

The signet ring collection from Jaubalet Paris: Handcrafted and Made-to-Measure

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Handmade with traditional and modern expertise, Jaubalet Paris creates custom-made signet rings. The intricate details of buyers' wishes are enlivened by the steady hands of our craftsmen.

Custom-made signet ring for Women’s 

The design of the Signet Ring has no boundaries, it evolves around traditional crests, monograms, and coats of arm depicting classical designs to more contemporary art of skulls, logos, and tattoo-inspired designs. These beautiful designs are adorned with white, yellow, and rose gold or platinum. Engraving coat of arms is a very complex and time-consuming process but Jaubalet Paris with its master craftsmen specializes in such intricate work. We accompany you in this intimate process.