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Opal Ring

There are several base colours of the Opal including white, orange and the very rare, highly valuable black opal. Even though each opal has a main colour, there are specs of all different colours in each gem stone of this kind. The amazing array of colours that you can see in an opal gemstone is due to millions of silica spheres that deflect rays of lights creating the spectacular display of colours. An opal ring encapsulates all the colours of the rainbow to create a stunning, precious stone. Great things really can come in small sizes.

  • Opal Ring
Expert advices

It is no surprise that the kaleidoscopic, mesmerising display of colours in an opal ring can catch the eye of so many. Their hypnotic qualities, rich history and birthstone connection to October have made this gemstone a popular choice for so many years.

The powers of the Opal 

The opal ring signifies luck, hope and good fortune; the opal gem also has added health benefits for the individual who chooses to wear this precious stone.  It is said that an opal ring provides positive energy and is good for the soul; it can really help you in areas such as self-esteem, self-compassion and inner balance.

Sensitive and Intuitive

Unlike many other precious gem stones, the opal does not have a crystal structure, this leads to it being softer and absorbent and in turn very adaptable to the energy surrounding it.  As well as the opal having adaptable and absorbent properties, this beautiful stone is also very reflective and in turn quite intuitive. An opal ring mirrors the parts of you that need healing based on your internal emotional and physical state. This can lead to you having more strength, stamina and resistance to illnesses and disease. So, if you take care of your mental and physical wellbeing, the opal can amplify your efforts. 

The Birthstone for Librans and Scorpios

An Opal ring is not only seen as a lucky charm but it is also the birthstone for October, this stone symbolises the inherent qualities of Librans and Scorpios as being pure souls that are filled with hope. An opal ring is regarded as a protective and beautiful item of jewellery that keeps the wearer safe from harm. Gifting your loved one with an Opal ring can be sentimental and thoughtful; it displays the care you have taken to select the stone that signifies the month your love came into the world, a celebration of their life.

So where does the idea of birthstones come from?

Around the world and throughout history many different cultures have believed that birthstones including the fascinating opal have a large variety of great, magical powers. Each month has its own gemstone with its very own unique set of properties but where does this idea come from? Several experts have managed to pinpoint the bible as a clear link to the introduction of the idea of birthstones. In Exodus 28, Moses requests that a special garment containing twelve precious gemstones (representing the twelve tribes of Israel) should be made for Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews. At a later date, these twelve stones were linked to the twelve signs of the zodiac and eventually, they became associated with the twelve months of the year.

Why is the opal so remarkable?

Opals are unusual for a number of reasons, one of them being that 95% of them come from just one part of the world, Australia. To add this, the majority of Opals are white Opals and come from just one area in South Australia. Opals are also very special because they are one of a minute group of gems that are found on another planet, they are found on Mars!

How are opals formed?

There are different ideas about the specifics of how opals are formed but one detail which experts agree on is that opals are formed by rain. When drops of rain seep down into the rocks and crevices, tiny flecks of silica are left behind. Once the water has evaporated and these areas are completely dried out, all that is left behind is fragments of Opal.

The Myth of Opal

This kind of knowledge has only become available in recent years however in the Greek times; it was believed that opals were simply tears of joy wept by the god of the sky (Zeus) due to his victory over the Titans. The word opal actually derives from the Greek word Opallius which means “to see a change of colour”. There are also several other sourced origins of the word opal, in sanskrit “upala” and in Latin “Opalus” both mean “precious stone”.  

The Queen of Gemstones

“Some opals carry such a play within them that they equal the deepest and richest colours of painters. Others…simulate the flaming fire of burning sulphur and even the bright blaze of burning oil.”- Gaius Plinius Cecilius Secundus(Roman Scholar)

It has often been said that the opal is simply a spectacular amalgamation of all other precious stones, elements of ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire and even diamond can be seen in an Opal Ring, that’s why it is often recognised by the name- “The Queen of Gemstones”.

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