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Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

An important decision has come upon you and you know that her favourite colour is blue.  Therefore, an engagement ring set with a magnificent sapphire blue stone is a wise choice.  The symbol of loyalty, the Blue Sapphire is a stone that is destined to be a given as an engagement ring.  This stone has always been sought after for its beauty, its royalty, but also for its great value.  We have long attributed the blue sapphire to a deep blue, a celestial blue, a protecting power to whomever wears it.   

Sapphire Blue Engagement Ring: A Timeless Classic  

It is time to take the plunge and prove she is with whom you want to spend the rest of your days, to you, your love is the most beautiful.  A testament of your love, a symbol of engagement, a bond that is unique and eternal.  The Blue Sapphire represents the purity of feelings that link fiancés.  Maison Jaubalet is thrilled to accompany you in this important step on your journey together.  We propose a collection of sapphire blue rings.  All of our models can be personalized, you may choose the band and the sapphire, its size, its colour or let your imagination and your love guide you to a unique model and customize a ring specifically for her.  Let yourself fall in love with the beauty of this stone with a million colours.   

A colour that will make her smile 

A Blue Sapphire is a spiritual stone that protects against anger and impatience, facilitating understanding of the other, and serenity.  Smile and enjoy its positive vibrations! The blue sapphire represents trust, an element of stability and solidity.  It is not rare to give a sapphire as an engagement ring; a sapphire blue ring can be given for any occasion in life to symbolize your wish to belong to each other until the end of time.  Celebrate your nuptials in Sapphire after 16 years of living together.    


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