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Gold Wedding Rings for Women

A wedding band is a timeless piece.  Therefore, comfort should therefore be essential when making your choice. The band must fit the size and be suitable to the shape of your fingers as well as correspond to your tastes. Only you, can select the right band.

You can select your wedding band in the same precious metal as your engagement ring for the perfect match. Why not combine a solitaire engagement ring with a band set in diamonds either set two thirds or the full band?

Choose her Wedding Band 

There are four types of bands:

Court Shaped: Straight all around. This womens wedding band has been designed especially for her as it evokes kindness. This type of band is quite unique very elegant and often loved by jewellery connoisseurs because it is considered particularly noble. It is important to note that the slight curve on the inside can be felt by the wearer. 

D Shaped: Flat inside and rounded on the outside, which makes it very comfortable. This type is of womens wedding band is the most popular as it is the most classical and stands the test of time. 

The Ruban: Flat with straight sides, and slightly curved on the inside. This shape appeals to men, as this model is flat and therefore comfortable and geometrical. Women like it as well, because of (feminine qualities) 

A wedding band set with gemstones is specially suited for the ladies it can be set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires. 

Women's Wedding Bands are not just any piece of jewellery. It symbolises a union that lasts for eternity. That is the magic of it.  

We highly recommend reading the advice we give for selecting a men’s wedding band, as those suggestions are suitable for choosing a wedding band for women.  Nothing is off limits. You can create one style for the engagement ring and another for the wedding band.  For example, once the wedding ceremony is over, you could wear your engagement ring on your right hand. 

Purchase womens wedding bands online with Jaubalet 

What would a womens wedding band be without diamonds or gold? Jaubalet knows that and therefore guarantees both the high quality and the diamonds of its womens wedding bands; and this at competitive prices.

All of Jaubalets diamonds are certified by the GIA or the HRD. They all result from a meticulous and rigorous selection process. The wedding bands are thus enhanced by the quality of the gemstones Jaubalet offers.

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