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Designer engagement rings

France is a place renowned for it's exquisite beauty, rich history and spectacular creations. Paris is not only the capital of design and fashion, it is also the capital city of love. Jaubalet Jewellers began as a charming jewellers in the 'Place Vendôme' quarters of Paris, an architecturally magnificent square that once housed aristocrats and former members of the royal family. This beautiful jewellers has become so successful that it has since expanded and settled into the affluent and progressive area of Mayfair in London. The location of our bespoke U.K store means that you can easily be involved in every step of designing your own engagement ring, yet the origins of this jewellers ensures that all the Parisian inspiration and romance remains all our designer engagement rings.

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Creating your designer engagement ring

We understand that your engagement is a sacred and life long memory and that your engagement ring is a gift demonstrating your union of everlasting love. Therefore we take great pride in sourcing experienced craftsmen, talented artists and expert jewelers from all around the world so that we can bring your perfect moment to life.

Designer engagement rings are not only limited to simple elements such as the fit and how delicate you may want the band to appear. We have alot of expertise in all details of your ring design, including the size and quality of the stones, how you would like the stones to be set, the weight and the shape. We want your ring to be unique and fitting to your style, expressing your flair as a couple, your love for each other and the sophistication of your bride to be. Whether you would like a simple band style, serpentine style or intertwined style ring we can guarantee we have the perfect ring for you.

Tifène Diamond Ring is an example of a Crossover Design

As well as this designer ring involving a crossover at the centre, it also creates a geometric silhouette. Both of these features are making a huge comeback on the catwalks because they add a modern twist on the classical elements of an engagement ring. They enable the ring to be simple and elegant whilst adding feminine curves that accentuate the central diamonds. This designer engagement ring has the unique ability of being on trend whilst also being timeless.

Serpentine Heart Diamond Ring is an example of the Serpentine design.

A historically significant 18k gold band with a beautiful, heart shaped diamond(3.5g) as the centre piece.This style has an ornate history, it has been linked all the way back to the Egyptian times but became popular in the Victorian era due to Prince Albert giving an engagement ring to Queen Victoria in the mid 1800's. Since then this style has come back around time and time again. The serpentine coil ring has significant meaning in history, in Greek mythology the serpent was seen as representing regeneration and renewal due to their ability to shed their skin. Later on, they became a symbol of eternal love due the more traditional coil ring depicting a snake completing a full circle in the form of the ring.

An interesting take on the diamond solitaire

An exquisitely detailed 18k gold band which emphasises the central, round diamond(2.2g)

The split shank technique as shown above is a slight alteration to the traditional diamond solitaire style with an added intricate twist. This designer engagement ring has become very popular. It is a tasteful labyrinth, not only because of the split shank detail that accentuates the centre piece diamond but also because the gold band is interlaced making for a distinguished yet simple design.

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