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The History of Cufflinks

Cufflinks appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 17th century. Initially reserved for the wealthy classes to show of their refinement and status, they soon took on a utilitarian function.

Cufflinks used to be worn by gentlemen who wanted to wash their hands and roll up their sleeves without needing to remove their jacket or shirt. They also replaced the ribbons and lace that would elegantly hold up sleeves.

Over time cufflinks became more sophisticated. Fashion designers made them both pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories that were indispensable for men’s elegance beginning in 1970. They then went out of fashion to be forgotten before rising from ashes at the beginning of 2000.


Jaubalet’s Cufflinks

The sale of cufflinks is currently booming thanks to the Internet. Many online shops now sell them. There are cufflinks for all tastes and budgets.

Today, cufflinks have one goal: the elegance of the men who wear them. For Jaubalet, elegance rhymes with originality, quality and noble materials. See Jaubalet Paris’ signature cufflinks and customize or personalize them.

 To go even further custom-design your cufflinks;they will be original and unique. The jewelry designer and crafter specialized in custom-design will assist you in creating your own cufflinks.

The quality of our cufflinks

You will therefore have the choice between custom-designed cufflinks created and produced according to your tastes and personality, and our collection that you can customize and personalize to meet your needs. Whatever your choice, we guarantee our luxury cufflinks in gold, with diamonds or other fine or precious gemstones. We also provide you with a choice of 23 colors of lacquer to dazzle your wrists.

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