Jaubalet’s Cufflinks

The sale of cufflinks is currently booming thanks to the Internet. Many online shops now sell them. There are cufflinks for all tastes and budgets. Today, cufflinks have one goal: the elegance of the men who wear them. For Jaubalet, elegance rhymes with originality, quality, and noble materials. See Jaubalet Paris’ signature cufflinks and customize or personalize them. To go even further custom-design your cufflinks; they will be original and unique. The jewelry designer and crafter specialized in custom design will assist you in creating your own cufflinks.

The quality of our cufflinks

You will therefore have the choice between custom-designed cufflinks created and produced according to your tastes and personality, and our collection that you can customize and personalize to meet your needs. Whatever your choice, we guarantee our luxury cufflinks in gold, with diamonds or other fine or precious gemstones. We also provide you with a choice of 23 colors of lacquer to dazzle your wrists.

Jaubalet Care: Cufflinks

Silver or Gold Cufflinks

Because sterling silver tarnishes easily, it's a good idea to clean it every now and again. When cleaning sterling silver or gold cufflinks, use a soft polishing cloth to remove minor tarnishing. Use a commercial jewelry cleaning solution, which can be purchased at most home supply stores, when there is a lot of tarnishing. When cleaning gemstones, pearls, resins, or cufflinks with oxidized finishes, only use a cloth. If you must use a solution, dilute it with warm water or combine it with warm water and a bar of mild soap.

Palladium plated Cufflinks

To avoid chemical interactions with the solvents used in plated or enamel accessories, these cufflinks should only be cleaned with a delicate cloth. Because gold, silver, rose gold, or rhodium-plated items are more fragile, they should be cleaned more frequently. 

How to store your cufflinks

A beautiful cufflink box coated with soft suede would be the ideal solution for storing your cufflinks. This will keep your cufflinks and jewelry sparkling at all times by preventing scratches and tarnishing. Make sure the box has separators to keep the contents from scratching each other. Each of our cufflinks comes in our distinctive Louis FAGLIN box, which is intended to keep air out and establish a seal to keep moisture out. It's also a good idea to keep a moisture-absorbing silica package on hand. Always keep the box out of direct sunlight and in a dry, non-humid, non-wet location.